Expert Round-Up: Growth Tips for Ecommerce Brands

03 April 2023

Are you an ecommerce business owner looking for new ways to grow your business?  
Are you a Marketing professional tasked with promoting an ecommerce brand? 


The ecommerce sector is competitive, and with the cost-of-living crisis upon us, you might be finding it a bit of a hard slog to get sales going. It could be that you’re unsure which products are best for your audience, you’re concerned campaigns are stale, or you’ve never stopped to think about how organic users come to your site. 

You’re not alone. It also doesn’t mean growth has to be challenging!  

So, to help you drive ecommerce growth – no matter the socioeconomic conditions - We asked our ecommerce experts the following question: 

// If you had just ONE tip for ecommerce brands to help grow their business, what would it be? 

Here’s what the team had to say! 


Chris – Head of Performance (PPC) 

// Keep an eye on other acquisition and conversion channels 

Understand that Google Ads are just one touch point in the conversion funnel and that Email, Social and Organic all drive consumers from the product/brand discovery stage to the purchase stage of that product.  

Consider where your customers are active, and make sure you consider all relevant acquisition channels to drive conversions. 


Marty - Head of Social Ecommerce (Social Media) 

// Set out a strategy and give it time to work 

Changing your strategy too frequently can stunt growth. Knee-jerk reactions or making decisions without data to back them up can move you further away from your goals, so have faith and stick to your guns. 

A word from the wise, it is hard to see within the first 3 months whether a strategy is working or not – so give it time.  


Gary-Eoghan - Head of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 

//Prioritise high-margin categories in your site architecture  

Many ecommerce sites tend to follow the structure of Category >> Product. They abandon the subcategory level of navigation and don’t consider whether there is an audience for their products in these areas.  

While you do not need a static page for EVERY SINGLE SUBCATEGORY, analysing where higher margin products sit on your site can do wonders.  

Monitor how competitors occupy the space, understand if there is an audience for the subcategory and think, if you want to rank for it accordingly. 


Rach - Head of Social Advertising 

// Use personalised ads and content to drive conversions 

Include ad personalisation where possible. Ecommerce competition is exceptionally high, so ensuring you connect with users with content related to what they have expressed an interest in or where they have dropped off (abandoned basket etc.) means they are more likely to return and convert. 

Think, how can you set your brand apart by personalising ads to your audience? 


Mark M - Head of Client Services and Strategy 

// Be channel agonistic 

Have an entire omnichannel funnel strategy, especially when starting out. It’s important to invest time in a variety of sources, so you don’t just rely on one source of revenue. Then when you’ve tested and have data to analyse, you can put your budget where you see the best performance.  

A variety of channels means you are less vulnerable to change, and can keep sales consistent.  


Holly – Paid Social, Senior Account Manager

//Do not Spread your budget too thinly across platforms 

Now while we suggest the above, make sure not to spread your budget too thinly across multiple platforms. Choose the platform that would be best for your growth at a given time and upweight budget accordingly – the likes of LinkedIn for example needs more budget to do what it needs too, as CPCs are more pricey. So, consider what budget is needed to drive the results you need then as your business grows, your budget can grow too. 


So, what are the next steps? 

Now that you’ve heard from the performance marketing experts at Loud Mouth Media, you should know what to do next to grow your ecommerce business. But if not, and you need more help or a more personalised plan tailored to your business; simply contact us and we’ll gladly help.