Skont Living provides Scandinavian-style luxury furniture and decor. These timeless pieces add a unique and modern feel to homes and have been featured in Vogue, Ideal Home, and Elle Decoration. 

 Skönt Living: Luxury Scandinavian Decor & Furnishings | Summer Sale

//The Challenge 

Loud Mouth Media had worked with Skont for a year across Meta and Google Ads to deliver their e-commerce targets, helping the business to grow and reach new customers in a variety of locations worldwide. We identified this luxury brand would work well on Pinterest due to users being in a shopping mindset while using the platform to plan home styling. 


Pinterest has nearly 9 million UK users (73% Female), spending an average of nearly an hour per day on the platform. There is less of a social element here, it’s actually quite similar to Google in that users are searching for inspiration or researching products. People use Pinterest in the planning stages of life, from their dream wedding to decorating their homes.  


The consideration window (time between seeing an ad and making a purchase) is 30 days (as opposed to the 7-day window for Facebook ads), and studies show a larger consideration phase leads to larger basket values. This means luxury brands and higher ticket items are a good fit for the platform.


We knew from previous success stories on Pinterest that E-commerce businesses with relevant products should find significantly cheaper Cost Per Acquisition than Meta platforms, with cheaper Reach for Brand Awareness and a greater ROAS. While you can expect to see a lower CTR than Meta platforms, it’s likely you’ll find the Conversion Rate of web visitors is superior due to the high-intent nature of Pinterest users. 



//Services Provided

  • PPC/ Paid Search
  • Paid Social (Meta)
  • Pinterest


//Our Approach

We recommended a 3-month learning period on Pinterest due to the longer customer journey with an appropriate budget based on the available audience size. Pinterest lets you target both Interests and Keywords being searched on the platform and makes relevant recommendations, which allows you to see the potential reach by location. 


We made custom creatives for the platform, following best practices, maximising screen real estate, and using animations to catch the eye. We collected the best-selling product data from existing campaigns and overall Google Analytics, to feature these products in the creatives.


We tested different audience types in the UK with a variety of different creative focuses by room/product. We also monitored the impact of introducing Pinterest activity across the other existing ad channels.



In the third month of Pinterest activity, we achieved an excellent Return On Ad Spend of 17.22 in the UK. Not only was this the highest ROAS achieved to date across all channels, but the ROAS results across Meta and Google for the quarter had also grown by 182% and 76% respectively. We were pleased to report that the overall Revenue for the site was up 628% year on year.


  • 1,722% Return On Ad Spend from Pinterest
  • 182% ROAS growth on Meta channels
  • 76% ROAS growth on Google channels
  • 628% increase in Revenue Year on Year


We continue to support Skont with its marketing efforts and growth, using a flexible approach across channels to maximise ROAS and Revenue in new markets. 


We detailed our Pinterest Success for the brand, Skont