Flash Pack

Introducing new measures to engage with the target market, increasing sales and improving return on ad spend (ROAS).



Flash Pack is a multi-award-winning travel company for solo travellers in their 30s and 40s. Flash Pack was created to give people the opportunity to explore and have some fun, aiming to inspire solo travellers to escape with others and break free!


The Challenge


It is well known that the travel industry is highly saturated and competitive, with many people spending significant time in the research stage to find the best deals.  As such, we were tasked with building brand awareness throughout key markets to reach new audience groups whilst also capturing high-intent users to ultimate drive conversions for Flash Pack.  


Our Approach


In order to meet the client’s objectives, we implemented a strategic combination of digital advertising campaigns including Search, Display and Video.

Display campaigns utilised Google’s advanced audience targeting to reach new audiences, as well as segmented Display Remarketing to re-engage with known users. In addition, Video and Search campaigns were executed to reach higher-intent audiences searching for Flash Pack or solo traveller holidays and were most likely to convert. Alongside these campaigns and due to high demand within international markets, we set up multi-language ads to intelligently reach this consumer base.




We have seen incredible results since working with Flash Pack. The above campaigns have achieved the client’s aims and objectives, delivering...


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