Autoline Insurance

A multi-funnel approach to increase market share and generate conversions.


// Background


Autoline are a leading insurance broker with over 40 years in the business, providing a suite of insurance services. Being in an extremely competitive market place, their main focus is to promote private car insurance quotes both online and offline. To achieve this, Autoline were in need of a partner to develop a strategic digital advertising strategy to differentiate themselves from the competition and achieve a positive ROI. Enter Loud Mouth!


// The Challenge 


The challenge was in generating both Online and Offline quotations and encouraging users to call Autoline for a cheaper quote over the phone.


// Our Approach


Our approach was to target users at all touch points within the conversion funnel by implementing a multi-channel digital advertising strategy including Search, Display, YouTube and Remarketing.

Firstly, Autoline needed to own their brand space online. This was addressed by implementing branded Search campaigns and hyper-targeted Display campaigns to actively increase market share - ensuring that they weren’t losing branded searches to competitors.

We then needed to capture high-intent users actively searching for insurance companies online. This is where Search and Remarketing campaigns came into play, retargeting previous users who visited the site but had not yet converted and encouraging them to call the business to get a better quote.

Achieving a high impression share was also key, placing Autoline in front of high intent demand through Display and YouTube. Through Display and YouTube advertising we could target users by their online behaviours and browsing, grabbing the attention of hyper relevant audiences at the right time.

// Results


Implementing the above campaigns has proven a huge success as Autoline have had their most successful year in terms of online quotes. Our strategy to reach users throughout the entire conversion funnel has achieved:

  • A conversion rate of 31.25%
  • Increased new site users by an incredible 96% YoY
  • YoY Private Car Investment 131% Increase
  • 8 million impressions from Display
  • YouTube View Rate of 38.30%
  • 81% Increase in Returning User YoY
  • Conversions rising as high as 133%
  • 20% Search Click-Through Rate
  • 30% Search Conversion Rate