Speedy Reg

A strategic combination of digital advertising to maximise awareness and conversions.

// Background


Speedy Reg began life in 1984 when the director Des spotted a gap in the number plate market and immediately put his idea into practice and founded Speedy Registrations Co Ltd which quickly became a market leader in Irish number plates.


// The Challenge


The number plate industry is saturated with competition which results in increased auction bids and longer time lag between users visiting and converting. Therefore, we were tasked with increasing brand awareness, strategically advertising their high value products, and driving highly relevant traffic to the website.


// Our Approach


In order to address the challenges and meet Speedy Reg's objectives, we implemented a strategic combination of digital advertising that included Search advertising and Display advertising while taking full advantage of Google's machine learning algorithm through the use of 'Smart Bidding Strategies'.

Search advertising was implemented initially, utilising keywords related to Speedy Reg's main products. Targeting methods on the Search Network varied for the two main areas of Speedy Reg's website; Personalised Number Plates' and Irish Registration Number Plates'.

As the industry is very competitive and time lag between a user clicking on a paid ad and converting can be quite long, we wanted to reach users much earlier in the conversion funnel in the most cost-effective manner. To do this we implemented a range of highly targeted  Google Display campaigns that allowed us to target users, who through their online behaviour such as their searches on Google or by visiting competitor websites and industry blogs indicated a high interest in purchasing personalised number plates.

For both Search and Display campaigns we implemented the bidding strategy 'Maximise Conversions' which would allow us to take advantage of Google's machine learning algorithm to target these high intent users based on their online behaviour to drive as many leads and sales as possible within our given budget.

Finally, to support the Search and Display campaigns, we implemented Display Remarketing to strengthen brand awareness and also to drive highly valuable users, who have been to the site previously, back to the website.


// The Results


Since implementing the above strategies in late 2018 Speedy Reg have achieved increased leads, increased market share and a lower CPA account wide. With unique messaging and strategic implementation, from September 2018 to November 2019, the campaigns achieved...


  • 22% increase in Conversions 
  • Costs of Conversion has decreased by over 35%
  • Conversion rate increased over 87%
  • 36 million Impressions
  • 355k Clicks