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Implementing advanced targeting to generate revenue and increase visibility.



Established in 1857, Belleek Pottery holds a very special place in Ireland's cultural and commercial heritage. Traditionally selling their products through retail partners, Belleek launched an ecommerce website in 2017 and approached Loud Mouth Media to devise a strategy that would not only generate awareness across various target markets, but would drive direct sales through


The Challenge 


Belleek Pottery traditionally sold their products through retail partner websites. However in 2017 they launched their ecommerce website,, and began selling directly to the client online for the first time.

As such, Loud Mouth Media was contacted by Belleek Pottery to identify opportunities and develop a strategy that would maximise direct sales via the ecommerce website, and increase brand awareness across multiple target markets including Ireland, UK and USA.


Our Approach


The approach consisted of several key focus areas including Search, Display and Video advertising. Firstly, engaging with high intent users on Search who were actively searching for Belleek products was key, and allowed Belleek Pottery to own their own brand space on the SERP.

Secondly, to raise awareness of Belleek Pottery early in the customer journey to purchase, we implemented a combination of Display and Video advertising, utilising several advanced targeting strategies. Custom Intent targeting and Remarketing were used to effectively go beyond hand-selected websites and actually target consumers based on their online behaviours and browsing history.




Since working with Loud Mouth Media, Belleek Pottery’s return on investment progressively improved throughout 2018. Belleek reached an all-time high with a multi-funnel digital advertising strategy in place and during the 18 months we achieved:


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