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Our Award-Winning Team Partnered with BES to drive HUGE growth across PPC, Performance Creative, Smart Shopping.

“We’ve been very happy with all aspects of Loud Mouth Media’s service. Their dedicated team continually comes to us with recommendations and strategies that can be implemented to continue the growth we’ve seen to date.” (BES)


This expose shows Loud Mouth Media’s innovative approach to PPC, performance creative, mobile optimisation and smart shopping. Our Integrated Services, paired with our strategic profitability reports, have resulted in an exceptional few year for BES. It’s also resulted in BES not seeing the retail dip in May – September 2021 other ecommerce brands have seen across the UK.

With tangible results and a brand growing sustainably in a relatively niche sector, we’re proud to be part of the BES journey. Our efforts have had a direct impact on the wider business success, and that’s why we do what we do!


  1. Objectives: Because every Strong Strategy starts with clear Objectives

// Business Objectives
  • Increase PPC revenue by 50%
// Marketing Objectives
  • Increase website traffic by 200%
  • Achieve 6x ROAS


  1. Strategy & Implementation: The Loud Mouth Media Difference

Before bringing Loud Mouth Media (LMM) on board in 2020 to level up their PPC performance, BES were a solely commercial Plumbing provider selling pipes, screws, tools and other trade products to professionals. To guide them through their move from B2B to a B2C seller, they brought on LMM to drive the brand transition and enhance their revenue generation through digital channels. So, as we entered 2021, we had a great deal of data available from 2020, but with changing audiences we needed to remain agile and ensure we took a data-led approach, looking at Google trends and market demand on both a weekly and monthly basis. One thing was certain, to achieve their business objectives of boosting revenue while also improving ROI, we needed to utilise a full funnel approach.

// Strategy

We targeted the BES audience along each stage from awareness/consideration through to action/loyalty. We identified men looking for heating and plumbing supplies in the UK/Ireland as their main buying customer. But with over 15,000+ products on their website, with a wide target audience, and with 2021 still showing strong signs of pandemic chaos in ecommerce; we knew we needed to utilise all the latest Google Ads innovations designed to drive maximum revenue.

Across PPC, our strategy included the following:

  • Utilise Google Smart Shopping campaigns to reach target audience.
  • Implement CSS Shopping.
  • Incrementally increase budget while maintaining a high level of return.
  • Utilise Dynamic Search Campaigns to reach potential consumers searching specific products, with Dynamic Search Ads and direct to URL related to their search.
  • Implement more Prospecting campaigns through the GDN and YouTube to increase brand awareness and create and capture demand amongst targeted audience.
  • Implement latest Google Smart Bidding Strategies in line with objectives.
  • Perform a full review of previous website and SEO functionality in Magento 1.
  • Map out implementation plan for migration to fix issues related to site structure and Technical SEO and focus on faceted navigation.
  • Improve UX on website to increase conversion rate.
  • Introduce structured data for products to help Google better understand product pages and increase CTR.
  • Target keywords where competitors outperform organically (positions 5-20)
// Implementation

With the help of our expert Performance Creative team, we creatively designed campaigns ranging from upper funnel GDN/YouTube campaigns to highly segmented Smart Shopping campaigns segmented through Custom Labels and through BES’s knowledge of high margin products and best sellers. YouTube Custom Intent Campaigns then reached users searching on Google for Plumbing/Heating Supplies within 7 days. This allowed us to deliver a Video Ad to those users whilst on YouTube, messaging that BES had the item in stock and ensuring we didn’t lose their engagement. 

To ensure we optimised all activity for ROI, we decided to utilise Smart Shopping Campaigns. With our Google Premier Partner network, and our dedicated Google team, we were able to see the ROAS potential smart campaigns offered, along with the ability to efficiently bid across the shopping network. We used a Maximise Conversion Value bidding strategy allowing the campaigns to optimise towards products that drove the highest revenues. Then with Dynamic Remarketing campaigns, we would ensure we got all the returning visitors, or those who left items in their baskets, with personalised creative and clear call to actions.

We also implemented a Comparative Shopping Service (CSS) to further supplement the SS Campaigns. We chose this route as they have higher interaction and engagement rates and have a cheaper CPC; and reducing their CPC was a key business objective for BES. We added the CSS to increase efficiency in the campaign at the lowest cost and show in more listings across the shopping network. Smart Display Campaigns then completed our PPC activity, reaching users through all stages of the funnel.

// Mobile Optimisation

As the Summer was in full effect and life was feeling freer, we could see in the data coming in that a great deal of the BES traffic was coming from mobile users, and we needed to ensure we optimised the website for those buyers, as they were showing the highest intent. These were trade professionals usually out on a job, using their phone to buy urgent products during trade hours. Knowing this, we used the tool Paid Speed Insights to optimise the payment methods and optimise the website in general for mobile use. Not only would this ultimately help their Mobile First Index score on Google for organic traffic; it would also ensure we removed any friction from their customer journey, improved UX, and ultimately drove more revenue.

// Reporting & Profitability Analysis

Throughout the campaigns we had regular communications with BES. We made sure to become an extension of their team and ensure they had buy-in when it came to our advice and market expertise. Through these conversations, we realised we should shift how we communicated success with them. We started reporting on profitability for the business, rather than just engagement and conversions. This allowed BES to accurately attribute performance and budget spent with business profits. In this process, we advised they get a CRO audit done to really understand the beating heart of their website, SEO and what ROI looked like for BES.

As we tracked excellent results coming, and as we could see strong ROI – reaching over 8x ROAS – BES then agreed to increase their budget. First doubling it, then increasing it by 150%. Also expanding our contract to include SEO services and Paid Social.


  1. Results: Clearing the Pipes with Profitable Performance

// Business Objectives
  • Achieved a 91% increase in PPC Revenue
// Marketing Objectives
  • Achieved an increase in website traffic from PPC activity alone, of 8x
  • Achieved 8x ROAS, 33% above target


Loud Mouth Media were awarded Small Paid Media Agency of the Year at the 2022 UK Paid Media Awards - with our expert team, you're in good hands. We're a leading PPC Agency in the UK, get in touch today!

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