We detail our work for the progressive Telecommunications brand, YouFibre


The Telecommunications sector is all about connecting homes and connecting communications. Well, Team Loud Mouth lived and breathed that, while also connecting performance expertise.

We partnered with YouFibre, a progressive Telecommunications brand, in Nov 2021 and their objectives for digital growth were clear – get their ultra-fast, ultra-affordable Broadband into homes across the UK.



Business Objectives:

  • Increase Brand Awareness – Increase Leads across new territories by Min.25%
  • Increase Brand Awareness – Increase New Users by Min. 50%

Marketing Objectives: 

  • Increase PPC Registrations across key Territories by a Min. 50%
  • Increase PPC Goal Completions, Targeting 30,000 per month
  • Expand Ranking Keyword Pool (SEO) from 6 to 10+
  • Increased Organic Ranking (SEO) from 1,000 to 2,000+



With YouFibre operating in the competitive Telecommunications sector and no prior digital activity before Nov 2021, from day 1 a laser-focus on data was essential. We searched for relevant audience data from Google trend reports, but what became clear was conversions for the sector all related to quality and price, rather than age, gender or specific audience details. SEO research via Ahrefs also showed competitors were focusing on key search terms in larger cities like ‘broadband provider’ or ‘fast broadband’.

We therefore worked closely with the client and used YouFibre’s target territories to implement a geography-structured audience approach; maximising all activity for conversions and driving ROI. We would target key developing small towns across the UK, and tailor keywords and messaging to socioeconomic factors in those areas to ensure we solved the problems locals were searching for.


If they were wanting cheap Broadband - YouFibre.

If they wanted better quality Broadband – YouFibre.

If they wanted to explore new options for fibre – YouFibre.


To compete with the big brands like Virgin and BT we needed to be highly-refined with the granular details of campaigns, and constant data analysis would be essential to making informed long-term strategic decisions.

We focused on 2 key areas:

  1. Campaign Structure – Durham, Hamilton & more

We built out a specific campaign for every target town in the UK to increase brand visibility outside of the main cities big brands were investing in. This would mean competition for Cost Per Acquisitions would offer better value, reach would expand, and YouFibre would be able to find their own niche outside of the likes of Virgin.

This also allowed us to easily analyse towns that were showing more conversions or lower Cost Per Conversions, and we could therefore be agile with budget allocation Month on Month based on hard-data.

  1. Keywords – Bespoke to each Geography

In our initial 3-month testing period, we could see each geography had specific ranking search terms that were relative to the socioeconomic factors of those areas. Data was showing higher income areas were searching for quality broadband versus lower-income areas were searching for pricing options. For example, audiences in Hamilton would use terms like ‘Cheapest broadband’ for cost-effective options, versus Durham used terms like ‘Fibre Broadband Checker’ for speed / quality.

This analysis allowed us to tailor messaging and keywords to those areas in ways they would connect with – further optimising for conversions. Something we knew the big brands wouldn’t have the time to do, and a touch customers would respond well to.



Our first 2 quarters with YouFibre have shown great results, and we have successfully seen their Broadband enter the homes of these new territories throughout the UK. Some noteworthy results include the following:

Business Objectives:

  • Increased Conversions (Leads) across new territories by 64%
  • Increased New Users by 122%

Marketing Objectives: 

  • (PPC) Increased Registrations in Target Geographies by 243%
  • (PPC) Doubled Goal Completions to 40,000 per month
  • (SEO) Increased keyword pool from 6 to 21
  • (SEO) Increased organic ranking from 1k to 8.5k


With all objectives achieved and superseded, we’re hugely proud of the work we’ve done in welcoming YouFibre to the world of Digital Performance with a BANG. We now also work with them on Paid Social and continue to be an extension of their Marketing team.