Four Star Pizza

We partnered with FOUR STAR PIZZA to help increase their video engagement and boost sales in NI.

// Background


Established in 1988, Four Star Pizza is a leading pizza takeaway company, operating 55 stores across the island of Ireland, including 14 in Northern Ireland.

// The Challenge


The key objectives were to build awareness of Four Star Pizza’s deals and offers, to engage with their target audience using engaging video content and to increase pizza orders within NI and ROI.

// Our Approach


Our aim was to reach these competitor audiences with engaging video content that was creative yet relatable in order to drive increased brand awareness to help tell the Four Star Pizza story. With access to a new innovative Google Ads beta product TrueView for Action, Loud Mouth Media devised a video strategy that combined sophisticated YouTube targeting with 3 fantastic video creatives.

The video creative was key in driving traffic and conversions for Four Star Pizza. The main creative message behind Four Star’s campaigns was ‘For that moment’ and, through the use of engaging video content, tells the story of relatable everyday life meltdown moments that people experience, such as bad hair days, having a bad hangover and when the kids have gone AWOL. Four Star Pizza’s hope was that the creation of relatable video content combined with light-hearted campaign messaging would encourage the target audiences to purchase a Four Star Pizza to help ease those meltdown moments.

Using three different 30 second video creatives, this video ad format has been employed to engage with both Remarketing Audiences and Custom Intent Audiences in the target markets outlined by the client.

// Results


We have seen phenomenal results since introducing TrueView for Action to the Four Star Pizza account. In less than 4 weeks, the campaigns generated a huge number of online orders at a cost of just €1 / conversion. This is a fantastic example of how high quality video creative combined with sophisticated audience targeting can drive real results for a business on YouTube. The results witnessed in the first month of the Four Star Pizza YouTube campaigns have been phenomenal. With a unique approach and a clever strategy in place, the campaigns have achieved...

  • 150,000+ Impressions
  • 1,300+ pizza orders
  • 48,000+ video views
  • 30.8% view rate (avg 15%)
  • 2.3 million seconds of video watched
  • 2.82% Conversion Rate