We Partnered with i2Comply to increase brand awareness and increase sales - online and offline.

Loud Mouth Media drove a 73% Increase in PPC Transactions

// Background

Offering affordable online training and competency courses, i2Comply sell to both a B2B and B2C audience. Their courses include Health & Safety, Fire
Safety, Disability Awareness and more. The high quality, interactive training ensures their audience gets the knowledge they need.

// The Challenge

i2Comply approached Loud Mouth Media with the desire to increase their website traffic, and sell more courses both online and offline. With a competitive corporate landscape online, they needed expertise on increasing brand awareness and digital revenue from the right audiences… and our award-winning PPC team knew just how to help!


// Services Offered

PPC Advertising:

  • Paid Search
  • Performance Max

// Our Approach

With corporate training being a competitive online sector with big competition for keywords, we felt it was best to put together a full funnel strategy – starting with key testing campaigns on Paid Search to gain valuable data on their buying audience.

With Paid Search campaigns running for key search terms like ‘online training’ and course specific keywords like ‘health & safety’ and ‘fire safety’; we quickly realised search campaigns had very high Cost Per Clicks and were using daily budgets for very minimal conversions. So, we used that data to feed into audience behaviours, and broke our campaigns into Performance Max – Discovery, Display and Search.

Discovery / Display would cover the top of funnel / Brand Awareness, with Search covering middle of funnel / driving users down the funnel, and we would add re-marketing with loads of fresh content to ensure we always focussed on conversions. This strategy would maximise brand reach, get i2Comply in front of new audiences, reduce CPCs, and lean into Google Automations to drive ongoing optimisation.

With Google Automations at work, there were two core areas to focus on – Creative and Audience Targeting.

  • Creative –

Any successful Discovery / Display campaign calls for eye-catching content, and content that speaks to your audience. We knew to stand out amongst a busy landscape, it was essential to have a mixture of content types. Video Marketing would be key to drive brand USPs, while Imagery with clear CTAs would be important for re-marketing. We guided i2Compy through Video creation, and ensured they had a variety of bright, clear, course-related content.

  • Audience Targeting –

Another key area of campaign success was Audience Targeting. Having seen the expensive CPCs from previous search campaigns, to get better value from new campaigns and to keep the Cost Per Conversions down too – we used more general targeting. Things like search history, interests, life events like ‘Job Change’ were added to campaigns to ensure we kept the net wide – but still hyper relevant to what B2B and B2C audiences would be searching for. We also added competitors in the Training sector to targeting, so we could compete for active traffic.

The results were clear, from February 2022 when the P/Max campaigns kicked off there was a steady increase in revenue from online channels, an increase in overall transactions, and an increase in Ecommerce conversion rate. And to top it off, our relationship strengthened to expand our services to Paid Social and SEO.

Talk about upskilling and upselling!


// Outcomes

Some of the excellent results have included the following, compared to previous period...

  • 57% Increase in PPC Revenue
  • 73% Increase in PPC Transactions
  • 36% Increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate
  • Additional Services Sold: Paid Social & SEO