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Did you know, 46% of Google page clicks go to the Top 3 PPC Ads?

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/ / What is Paid Search?

Loud Mouth Media are award-winning experts in Paid Search and PPC Advertising, and a leading PPC Agency in EMEA. 

Paid Search, also known as PPC or Search Advertising, places online ads on search engine results pages, taking into account demographics and intent combined with advanced bidding techniques. This includes Text ads, Shopping Ads, Display Advertising and Remarketing.

When done correctly, the benefits are undeniable! Paid search can present the most relevant ads to the highest intent audiences exactly when they are ready to take action - optimising the chances of conversion.

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/ / Why carry out PPC?

When done right, PPC advertising is a highly effective way to bring in new business and drive online sales. At Loud Mouth Media, we are experts in driving cost-effective paid search campaigns, strategically presenting ads to the most qualified user and securing more conversions for your business.

It's what makes us one of the top-rated PPC Agencies in the UK and Ireland!

How we helped a client achieve 236% increase in revenue YoY
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/ / Paid Campaigns with a Google Partner

Our PPC work has earned us the title of Google Partner year after year.

We work hard to maintain this status by achieving Google's high standards, and helping drive digital growth for our clients through PPC campaigns.

What it means to be a Google Partner
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/ / Getting the best of both worlds through PPC and SEO

As an award-winning Integrated Performance Agency, we know the value of extending PPC campaigns to other services to help improve traffic and conversions.

Our PPC team works closely with our SEO team to increase assisted conversions and overall online growth for our clients. Want to know more?

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/ / Google Ads versus Microsoft Bing Ads

As of 2022, Google owns 92% of the global search market, but Microsoft’s search engine comes in second with 9%... yes, that gap may seem significant, but with more than 1 billion unique visitors each month, there are still plenty of people using Microsoft Bing.

If you’re a B2B, B2C or Ecommerce brand targeting desktop users in particular, Bing could be perfect for you. According to Microsoft Search Network data, the platform boasts 14.7 billion monthly desktop searches and 653 million unique desktop users.

Explore Microsoft Bing Advertising, here!

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