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Bing users spend 35% more than Google users...

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Loud Mouth Media are award-winning PPC experts, specialising in Microsoft Bing Advertising. As Bing Partners, our team have access to the latest insights, tools and targeting features you need to drive digital growth.

Microsoft Bing celebrated a 23% year over year increase in search advertising in 2021 alone – so if you ask us, Microsoft Bing is where it’s at!

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The advantages of working with a specialist Microsoft Bing Advertising Agency include having access to our industry-leading PPC minds, access to our exclusive Bing network through our Bing Partner status, and access to the Bing, MSN, Yahoo and AOL networks – a huge benefit for brands looking to enhance their brand awareness in the US Market.

In fact, Bing grew to 19.7% of the US search market share from 2020 to 2021, and Yahoo saw a 10% increase in paid search clicks over the past year. And with nearly 50% of US citizens saying they use Bing as their default search engine, it makes sense to include Microsoft Bing in your digital strategy.

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  • The number of daily Bing searches amounts to nearly 900 million. (Bright Edge)
  • Bing market share is 3.08%. (Statcounter)
  • Bing users spend 35% more than Google users. (REQ)
  • 71% of Bing users are 35 or older. (
  • In May 2022, Bing recorded 1.2 billion visits. (Similarweb)
  • The average advertising click-through rate for Bing is 2.83%. (WordStream)
  • The average cost-per-click on Bing can be about 60% lower than on Google. (Report Garden)
  • The median age of Bing users stands at 45. (WordStream)
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As of 2022, Google owns 92% of the global search market, but Microsoft’s search engine comes in second with 9%... yes, that gap may seem significant, but with more than 1 billion unique visitors each month, there are still plenty of people using Microsoft Bing.

If you’re a B2B, B2C or Ecommerce brand targeting desktop users in particular, Bing could be perfect for you. According to Microsoft Search Network data, the platform boasts 14.7 billion monthly desktop searches and 653 million unique desktop users.

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  1. MAXIMISE BRAND REACH – When advertising on Microsoft Bing, you also get your ads displayed across MSN, Yahoo, and AOL. Microsoft and Yahoo also have several smaller partner sites that are owned and operated by syndicated search partners. Now yes, Google also has search partners and broader reach, but if your audience are more likely to use Outlook over Gmail, Microsoft Bing Ads might be the right avenue for your brand.
  2. LESS COMPETITION AND CHEAPER CPCs – Microsoft Bing Ads uses a similar auction dynamic as Google Ads, so the advertisers on Bing have numerous benefits from a lack of competition, such as better ad positions and cheaper cost per clicks. When running test campaigns across both Google and Bing, we saw on average Bing Ads had 70% cheaper CPCs.
  3. MORE GRANULAR CONTROL AT CAMPAIGN AND AD GROUP LEVEL - Unlike Google Ads, Bing has some really valuable granular details for advertisers. One example is Bing allows you to assign different campaigns different time zones. This makes ad scheduling far easier to manage in Bing, particularly handy if you have global audiences.
  4. CONTROL SEARCH DEMOGRAPHICS – One of the more innovative offerings of Bing Ads is the ability to control what demographics see your search ads, allowing you to break that down to specifics like gender and age. Demographic targeting can be controlled at either the campaign or ad group level, ensuring your ads are seen by the most qualified audiences.
  5. STRONG CONVERSION RATES – Yes Google has a higher conversion rate than Bing, but the difference is reducing! Google's average conversion rate is about 3.75%, and Bing offers approximately 2.94%. Not bad!

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