SSE Airtricity

Providing consultancy and training to SSE Airtricity in order to gain increased traffic and organic search presence.

// Background

SSE Airtricity is the leading provider of renewable energy in Ireland and one of the biggest utilities firms in both NI and ROI. In a highly competitive marketplace where customers frequently switch providers, it was important for them to maintain a strong presence in organic search results. Loud Mouth Media was tasked with a project in which our SEO team provided guidance on auditing the SSE Airtricity website and how to implement priority SEO actions. Consulting with both marketing and digital teams, we advised on an SEO strategy for the home energy and business energy parts of the business, including a detailed execution plan and how to report on activity. 


// The Challenge

We spent a significant amount of time on-site at SSE Airtricity in order to work closely with the digital and marketing teams to form an SEO strategy for the business. The client was being outperformed on Google by a key competitor, so we conducted analysis into why that was and provided technical SEO recommendations to be implemented by their development team. A key challenge for SSE was an outdated CMS that needed to be updated with relevant functionality so that they could 'noindex' pages, edit metadata and update old links. 

// The Approach

Our strategy was based on presenting SSE as a brand that offered higher quality products and services, as well as promoting the business as a leading sustainable energy provider. We provided guidance on key product and services pages, as well as help centre pages, in order to make them more in-depth and informative, and thus more likely to appear higher in search results. A major part of the project was providing the relevant training and expertise to the Digital Content Lead so that they could adequately manage SEO performance from the end of the project onwards.


// Results

Since implementing the above strategies, SSE Airtricity have achieved increased organic traffic, increased conversions and increase on clicks on Google SERPs. 

  • 7% Increase in clicks on Google SERPs
  • 13% YOY Increase in Conversions
  • 15% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic