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We can help your business combine the science of audience and data insight with performance creative to maximise user value and overall campaign performance.

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What is Performance Creative?

Performance creative ensures your digital assets are fit for purpose to support the campaign delivery. As we specialise in a variety of advertising platforms it is important to create content specific to each area to fit the required formats and maximise performance.

By leading with creative that showcases your product/service in the best light it will result in a campaign execution that will promote maximum results.

With the key advertising platforms changing on a regular basis, the Performance Creative team at Loud Mouth keep their finger on the pulse to ensure all future creative concepts meet all updated specifications to support delivery.

One of our clients in the finance sector updated their creative through us to assist their performance and saw an increase in clicks by 55%.

Our approach

Everything we do is backed up by data and insights, and our approach to creative is no different. We will carry out in-depth research into your brand to identify key information that will benefit the creation of future creative assets.

This would include ‘historic campaign analysis’, ‘competitor research’, ‘analytic and digital insights’ as well as ‘content inventory’.

From this we will identify new and creative ways to showcase your company’s key offerings in a way that connects with your target customer, uncover valuable assets you already own, allowing us to utilise these within future campaigns as well as having the advantage of an in house design team, we can make your new performance focused creative approach a reality.

Performance Creative - Loud Mouth Media

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