GT Omega

We partnered with GT Omega to increase sales, reduce their CPA, and increase website traffic.


// Background


Established in 2009 in Glasgow, GT Omega is an online retailer producing gaming chairs, racing cockpits, and gaming accessories.

// The Challenge


We partnered with GT Omega at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic with the challenge of driving increased revenue and increased web traffic to their website whilst reducing the cost per acquisition during unprecedented times due to the pandemic.

// Our Approach


We identified that there was an opportunity to expand the target audience as users increasingly needed home office furniture, knowing that flexibility and reactivity would be essential for success. GT Omega had previously focused on high-intent users, so we began by implementing a full-funnel strategy across social media – where GT Omega’s target market was spending a significant amount of time.

Our team targeted users throughout the entire customer journey funnel, initially implementing broad awareness campaigns across Facebook and Instagram and gradually narrowing this focus to build consideration amongst users who shared similarities with GT Omega’s current customers. Campaigns were brought full circle with Dynamic Remarketing campaigns, driving conversions from GT Omega’s highest of intent users. Our Paid Social team was proactive with ad creative and copy and, with the help of our Performance Creative team, tailored creative for the distinct audiences being targeting.  We ensured that the strategy focused equally on both first purchasers and repeat purchasers.


// Results


A range of campaign styles and holistic approach to evaluating website performance achieved overwhelmingly positive results, exceeding GT Omega’s expectations. Campaigns results included...

  • A 102% YoY increase in Reach
  • A 779% YoY increase in Landing Page Views
  • Landing Page View Cost decreased 77% YoY
  • 383% YoY increase in Purchase Conversion Value
  • 227% increase in ROAS YoY
  • 281% YoY increase in Total Purchase