Dale Farm

We partnered with Dale Farm to craft a Digital Marketing Strategy across all 3 consumer brands for 2022.

// Background


Off the back of recent re-brands, one of the biggest names in dairy in Northern Ireland – Dale Farm - was looking for a Digital Marketing Strategy to take them into 2022, and beyond.

// The Challenge


With 3 key consumer brands under the Dale Farm name: Dale Farm, Dromona and Mullin’s Ice Cream; it was essential the Digital Marketing Strategy covered the different brands, varying product offerings, varying consumer audiences, and most importantly – made the best use of brand budget. Their key objectives were to increase brand awareness, drive consumer sales and in doing so, grow market share across all brands.


// Services Provided


  • Digital Marketing Audit

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Consultancy Services


// Our Approach


To ensure we gave the most detailed advice and curated the most relevant strategy for all three brands, we first needed to begin with auditing all activity to date. This was to truly understand the beating heart of each of the brands, but also to get an idea of audiences, consumer behaviours online, key markets, and the best performing campaigns to date. We reviewed Google Ads data, paid and organic social media, SEO rankings for all brand websites, we reviewed content to date, completed competitor analysis and keyword analysis, and compiled all our findings and advice into a workshop with the Dale Farm Marketing team. This process was important to keep the lines of communication clear, and to also ensure we were moving forward as a unit.

Once the audit and review process was complete, the next phase was putting together the strategy for all brands. From consumer personas to business objectives and KPIs, we included owned, earned and paid channel breakdowns. We advised on; SEO and organic content, organic social media best practice, consumer reviews, guests posts, Google PPC, Paid Social, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Digital Partnerships, and more.

Based on the positive experience, and the strong relationship we’ve built with Dale Farm through this process, they’ve asked Loud Mouth to continue offering our expertise across the 3 brands. We will be implementing the Paid Advertising strategy across Dale Farm and Dromona on Google and Facebook / Instagram, we will also be offering Consultancy Services bi-annually to review performance and ensure alignment across agencies to drive success from the wider strategy.

This has been a project the Loud Mouth team are immensely proud of. To guide three successful brands through their next phase, and to be part of their journey into new channels. The future is looking bright… and pretty darn tasty!


// Outcomes

  • Digital Marketing Strategy completed, including all 3 brands and owned, earned and paid channel marketing.
  • Multiple workshops, including onboarding sessions with the Agencies rolling out the strategy in 2022.
  • Ongoing performance reviews and progress monitoring to ensure the strategy is adhered to throughout the year.
  • Loud Mouth Media were brought on to implement the Paid Advertising strategy for PPC, Paid Social and Email Marketing in 2022.


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