Liberty IT

We were tasked with identifying opportunity in their organic strategy, with a keen focus on market visibility for recruitment.

// Background


Liberty IT is a software company, with the main component of their campaigns involving recruitment in a highly competitive marketplace. As a major provider of digital solutions and products for their parent company in the US, their recruitment needs and their growing team have always been a pivotal part of their organic presence.

// The Challenge


Liberty IT is proactive in the IT recruitment market. Loud Mouth Media were tasked with a project in which our SEO team would work alongside Liberty IT to identify opportunity in their organic strategy, with a keen focus on market visibility for recruitment. With the client having an upcoming campaign period for student and graduate recruitment, alongside year-round experienced hire vacancies, this helped provide a clear timeline for progression.


// Services Provided


  • SEO Consultancy
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Optimisation

// Our Approach


We started with an intense period of technical SEO works. Their lead time for Developers was important to keep track of, especially with a new site update/rollout for mid 2021. Due to this more unique nature of this campaign, we needed to proactively chase any performance issues to help avoid indexation and organic loss.

Our work included:

  • Review of the site structure – how could we improve performance
  • Content optimisation – what would people / staff want to see and be drawn to
  • Landing pages / blog content review – to use keywords to our advantage
  • Looking at the backend of the website for Google rankings – Core vitals, rich snippets, and much more.

With an ongoing relationship and ongoing consultancy and content optimisation services, Liberty IT have seen positive growth from organic channels. And the trend is only continuing in that direction! See some of the great results here…


// Results


With an ongoing relationship, some of our SEO results to date have included...

  • 29.7% (YoY) Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 34.7% Increase in Job Spec Views
  • 548% Increase in Job Application Submissions


Insightful team, seeing great thought leadership and strategic conversations from the SEO team.” (Liberty IT)