We partnered with Smartway2 to increase their visibility through the pandemic.

// Background


Based in Massachusetts, Smartway2 provides workplace scheduling and desk booking software solutions to help office workers and employers organise booking desks, meetings, and conference rooms within company buildings or co-working spaces.

// The Challenge


Partnering in 2019, Smartway2 had low organic search visibility compared to the competition. This challenge was then amplified by the global pandemic, as many business quickly transitioned their staff to working from home full-time.

// Our Approach


Pairing Smartway2 with our SEO experts, we began by completing thorough audits and identifying why organic search visibility was low. We then performed keyword gap analysis against top competitors for keywords in within the US market and, using keyword research, identified relevant lower funnel keywords for room booking solutions and informative upper funnel keywords. We also assisted Smartway2 with developing high-quality website content, implemented an internal linking strategy, and improving landing page experience.

Remaining flexible and adaptive throughout 2020, we also developed and implemented a strategy that made best use of Smartway2’s existing assets and content. Where much of Smartway2’s high-quality written and visual content had been located behind lead generation forms, demo requests, or PDF forms, our team repurposed these assets into mobile-friendly blog posts, removing the subscription wall and allowing these new pages to more easily rank in SERPs.


// Results


Thorough research and audits, collaboration with Smartway2’s in-house marketing team, and thoughtful repurposing of existing content achieved overwhelmingly positive results for our client. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, campaigns results included...

  • Organic search traffic increased by 566%
  • Smartway2 now ranking for more than 900 keywords in the US (300% growth)
  • Demo requests from organic search increasing 143% YoY
  • New users to the website increased by 158%
  • Sessions increased by 154%