Floristry Warehouse

Our Social Advertising Team drove digital growth across Social Media for Floristry Warehouse.



Floristry Warehouse are a UK and Ireland-based wholesaler to professional florists and other related businesses. Supplying florist supplies, florists’ sundries, packaging and set design products, their range includes everything from artificial and silk flowers to ribbon and artificial fruit & vegetables, and other seasonal accessories.



With such a vast range of floristry products and a niche ecommerce arena to operate in, their historic Google PPC activity had done well, but they had big plans for growth and for increasing online revenue – so adding Social Advertising would complement the digital campaigns to date and ensure the widest reach was achieved for the strongest return.



  • Paid Social: Facebook & Instagram



With no established data available for remarketing or for target audience behaviours, the best strategy for gathering valuable insights and really understanding buyer habits on social media, was to implement a full funnel strategy:


Top of Funnel –

Brand Awareness activity was all about gaining traffic to the website to gather data and to build remarketing lists. This was key for the client, so they could gain key information on their customer journey, conversion rates, highest performing products, etc. We kept targeting wide and based it on interests like home, interiors, garden, floral design as well as seasonal items like summer wreaths and floral crafts.

Middle of Funnel –

We then built lookalike audiences and weighted budget for website visitors and social engagers, to ensure we always prioritised return on investment. Creative in this stage of the funnel had very clear call to actions and used the word ‘BUY’ in every graphic to ensure the messaging was clear and we minimised the path to purchase.

Lower Funnel –

We then rounded out the strategy with Dynamic Remarketing and Catalogue Prospecting campaigns. Catalogue Prospecting would allow us to lean into the smart algorithm in Facebook to showcase a variety of content, and ensure it pushed buyers down the funnel to taking action. Dynamic Remarketing would then use AI to only show you products FB thought you would want to buy based on previous online behaviour.



A challenge to ensuring you optimise all activity on Social Media for conversions is nailing creative. For the campaigns on Facebook to maximise conversions, we knew the client needed a range of visually engaging images that not only showcased the range of products, but also showed the products in people’s homes so they could set the scene of why you would make a purchase. Example include:


We advised running test campaigns with different creative, seeing which performed best at each stage of the funnel, and then allocating more budget to those converting graphics. One test that worked really well, was adding seasonal custom frames to existing Floristry Warehouse content. This meant no additional budget for creative would be needed, we could use it all for conversion-rich targeting; but it also made existing assets looks fresh and new to boost engagement.

The new creative generated a 146% increase in ROAS from July to Oct 2022.



Social Advertising campaigns went live in July with a 0.5x ROAS from 8x purchases.

By Oct 2022, we had 61x purchases, 1.23x ROAS and revenue of £1,873.02 MoM.

A 662% Increase in Purchases alone!


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