Agnew Group

Driving traffic and conversions through an omni-channel approach.


// Background


The Agnew Group is a leading motor vehicle retailer group in Northern Ireland and is one of the UK’s top 25 franchised dealers. Established in 1931, they have a reputation and wealth of experience that is renowned and are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.


// The Challenge


The Agnew Group approached Loud Mouth Media recently in order to promote their Mercedes-Benz sales event. The challenge lay in driving traffic to the Agnew website whilst also encouraging users to complete an enquiry or contact form.


// The Approach


In order to promote Agnew’s Mercedes-Benz sales event, we implemented an omni-channel advertising strategy including Search, Display and Video. Using a number of advanced targeting methods, we were able to reach a hyper-relevant audience at the right time. For example, we targeted Display and YouTube In-Market audiences for competitor vehicle brands. The rationale behind this strategic thinking alerted to the similar price range of the listed models and therefore interested users may potentially be attracted to a Mercedes-Benz model available at Agnew.


// The Results


We have seen exceptional results since introducing the above campaigns to the Mercedes-Benz account. Overall, the campaigns achieved the client’s goal of increasing awareness of the sales event by generating a large number of impressions and clicks among audiences targeted. This is a perfect example of how a high-quality creative combined with strategic audience targeting can drive real results for businesses.

  • 270,000 impressions via Custom Affinity targeting
  • 775 clicks via Custom Affinity targeting
  • 20,000 impressions via Display In-Market targeting
  • 244 clicks via Display In-Market targeting