We partnered with Forecast to increase website traffic and increase leads.



The ability to Project Manage one’s digital assets in this day and age, is of immense value; and that’s exactly what Forecast does. An AI-native platform uniting projects, resources and financials to build efficiencies in business operations.

When Forecast came to Loud Mouth Media, they wanted to increase the volume of visitors coming to their website, and increase leads overall.


The Challenge


When operating an AI-based tool like Forecast, your blessing can be your challenge – the fact that buyers can be based around the world. Not only did Forecast have a net being cast worldwide, it was imperative to not be wasting investment in audiences who weren’t converting.

We proposed running a 3month trial on activity in 4 key geographic locations to offer the best Return on Ad Spend, and to then widen the geographies when the learning phases of campaigns were complete. We also recommended utilizing Paid Search and Display campaigns with an aim of improving the cost per conversion from $195 to $165-175. 


Services Provided


  • Paid Search
  • Display Advertising


Our Approach


With global audiences, we knew we needed to keep a hawk eye on the data for Forecast and approach this initial 3 months period as a chance to gather valuable data on their buyers, and remain agile on budget allocation.

We advised to put 100% of the budget into their USA, UK, Australian and Canadian audiences initially, to get the best return on investment for the widest reach possible. We would then look to expand to Europe (Germany and Denmark) and NZ when we knew more on the most conversion-rich keywords and search terms.

We implemented a full funnel strategy, with each stage of the funnel relating to the key objectives set out by Forecast:

  • Display Advertising – Top of Funnel, Brand Awareness (website traffic)
  • Paid Search – Middle of Funnel, Engagement (website traffic & leads)
  • Remarketing – Bottom of Funnel, Action / Loyalty (lead generation)


Display Advertising:

With Display accessing 92% of all internet users, we didn’t want to use up all the budget on top of funnel activity that wouldn’t convert. Traffic is good after all, but we never lost site of the need to drive quality leads. So we weighted 30% budget to this area to drive brand awareness, but our focus was to be on Paid Search.

Paid Search:

With a weighting of 50% budget, we split out their Paid Search campaigns into their 3 product types, Resources, Projects and Financial, and used a maximise conversions bidding strategy to optimise all activity for leads. Ultimately if someone was searching for ‘Project Management tools’ or ‘Operations Management’ in our key geographies, Forecast would be in the top results.


We then weighted 20% budget against remarketing those who had visited the website, but never enquired and those who searched for relative keywords but never visited the website at all.

At the end of each month, we analysed the data available, and utilised key Google insights on the AI / Project Management market. The results? Engagement was increasing, leads were coming in, and better yet – the cost per conversion was reducing so that all activity was offering ROI.




Our campaigns were a roaring success across PPC Advertising. Some of the great results included…


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