What's New in the World of Microsoft Ads?

09 March 2023

Wondering how Microsoft comes into the world of PPC Advertising?  

I know we talk about Google a lot, but there are some great innovations going on at Microsoft too; and we think 2023 is the year of customers benefiting from these innovations!

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) and Microsoft Ads (previously known as Bing Ads) are both advertising platforms that PPC experts are very familiar with. If you are new to PPC Advertising then fear not, our experts are here for you, and right now the one to watch is Microsoft Advertising. 

The main difference between the two platforms is the audience they reach. Google Ads reach a larger audience as it dominates the search engine market and has a vast display and video (YouTube) network. Microsoft Ads on the other hand reaches a smaller, but still significant, audience through its search engine, Bing, and other partner sites. 

So, what's going on at Microsoft that's worth keeping an eye on? We'll break down some of their 2023 innovations: 

// Microsoft x Netflix Partnership 

A development which we are sure needs little introduction is the lower cost ad-supported subscription plan which Netflix are working on. Microsoft are the chosen partner to help implement the move to ads on the streaming giant. With Netflix being a leading provider of streaming video and television content, this is an important development for Microsoft, allowing a pathway into major audience exposure for video ads. 


// Microsoft Campaign Integration Opportunities 

First off, there’s the various campaign integrations. For those who have delved into the world of Facebook Ads, Microsoft have enabled the ability for you to save time in recreating the same setup through extending their reach across the Microsoft Audience Network. Pinterest campaigns are also available for similar quick and easy importing while another integration with LinkedIn offers the ability to target highly relevant audiences based on their LinkedIn profile. This is unique to Microsoft Ads, and with a few tweaks to the current targeting options, this partnership could provide a good solution for B2B targeting challenges. 


// Microsoft Ads can be Cheaper 

Microsoft Ads still offer a simplified interface and lower cost per click, making it a more cost-effective option for some businesses. Microsoft are continuing to develop their interface and ad offerings as well as a strong portfolio of integrations and acquisitions which could narrow the gap even further this year. 


// Target Industry Specific Customers Through Microsoft Vertical Ads 

Next up are the array of Vertical Ads that are available in Microsoft Ads. Vertical Ads are a real plus and essentially stem from feed files which can be uploaded allowing the ability to showcase specific and highly relevant details from various verticals in a way that just feels right for qualifying user interest. Examples include automotive ads which can display pictures of vehicles alongside price, age, fuel type mileage, location and so on. Other options include credit card ads, cruise ads, health insurance ads, professional services ads, tours and activities ads with more to come. 


// Microsoft and AI 

Finally, there’s the rumoured acquisition of OpenAI which of course includes the incredible AI powered language model ‘ChatGPT’. This could be a gamechanger when it comes to attracting new users to Microsoft Ads as Microsoft is already incorporating this advanced technology into its products. Those who are familiar with the model will be well aware of its capabilities. Just imagine having AI powered ad copy suggestions for any campaign at the click of a button! 


// What about Google? 

With all these exciting updates coming for Microsoft, what’s happening with Google? Our experts share why we think Google will continue to enjoy its current position:   

  1. Enhanced Conversion Tracking
    First party data is going to continue to be an issue this year with privacy becoming a major driver of change. Google have already begun preparing through a feature which sends hashed and privacy safe first party data to Google and improves accuracy of conversion measurement. This then ties in to an already more developed and sophisticated bidding system than what is available on Microsoft Ads. Microsoft Ads has yet to even make the jump in attribution to a data driven model. Their current goal setup only allows for Last Click/Touch attribution which has its limitations as it only provides a narrow view of the customer journey and doesn't account for the impact of other touchpoints along the way. 


  1. Better Ads Mean a Better Experience
    Google Advertisers may have seen these updates coming into place in Q3 2022; Google are seriously ramping up the importance of ad experience this year. A major focus is being placed on ad destination requirements in order to conform with standards set out by ‘The Coalition for Better Ads’. Violations of the requirements lead to disapprovals of ads and potential suspension of accounts. The coalition itself is a global, industry-led initiative created to improve the online advertising experience for consumers


  1. A Relentless Desire to Grow
    Google are aware of the changes that have taken place in the advertising space and will use every tool at their disposal to regain lost ground. From launching their own phones, earbuds, watches, laptops and other smart home devices to evolving their existing platforms with extras such as the introduction of YouTube shorts, they will never sit still. When it comes to AI and being at the forefront of digital advertising technology, they can go toe to toe with pretty much anyone.


// So, what can we conclude?  

This is an industry that is constantly changing and neither platform are showing signs of slowing down. With lots of investment in PPC technology, new tools are always on the rise, ideal for advertisers looking to grow their digital audience. If you are unsure what platform is right for you, speak to our PPC experts who stay ahead of the trends and new features which could benefit your business.

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