Programmatic Advertising | What you NEED to know to Maximise Conversions

21 February 2023



Programmatic Advertising, the best way to maximise conversions with ease. 

I know, you're probably thinking; ‘how many more strategies can you possibly NEED to maximise conversions?’... But honestly, give us a few minutes of your time, because this is an important one!

Programmatic Advertising is becoming increasingly popular, and our prediction is that it will play a substantial part in the future of the marketing world. To put simply, Programmatic is a tool that takes your bidding process to the next level. It optimises the buying process through the use of artificial intelligence and real-time bidding to ensure it is both automated and streamlined, therefore eliminating the constant need for manual labour. Alongside this with Programmatic Advertising you can promote your brand with ads on numerous platforms, meaning the audience reach is on another level.

So, it can maximise reach and maximise value for spend… what’s not to like? See some advantages below of why we think Programmatic should be an essential part of your digital strategy.




1. Escalate Audience Reach

By now we all know, the way to grow as a business is to consistently look to expand your online presence; which obviously means you need to stay on the hunt for new potential clients and customers at all times.

Programmatic Advertising makes this easy! When using this form of advertising you are granted access to ad space across an abundance of sites, ensuring you have the chance to discover and engage with your suited audience from the widest selection possible. And not just any sites either, this is quality ad space outside of the usual Google / Bing options.


2. More Targeting Capabilities 

Programmatic Advertising utilises enhanced and powerful targeting capabilities, meaning reaching your ideal customers and clients is almost guaranteed... a strong statement, but the wider the reach, the higher the chance after all! 

A few examples of the (practically endless) targeting possibilities available with Programmatic are as follows; retargeting, behavioural targeting, audience targeting, geotargeting, contextual targeting and cross device targeting.


3. Wide Selection of Formats

Let your creativity run free. With Programmatic Advertising you have a wide range of creative and innovative formats to choose from, allowing you to have the chance to experiment with various different formats and ultimately pinpoint the format that works best with your target audience. 

Examples of the possible ad formats available include, but are not limited to: video ads, display ads, audio ads, and digital out-of-home ads. So if you see your brand translates well to audio, you can upweight budget behind those ads and maximise conversions. Sounds like a winner to me… I just had to!


4. Real-time Measurements

Live in the moment, real-time data - and data is where the real value is for any Digital Advertising. With Programmatic Advertising, metrics are analysed immediately after an ad has been made, this means ads will be optimised with a high level of speed and efficiency, enhancing ad performance and guaranteeing you will stay ahead of your competitors.

Extending that learning period for adverts also maximises the chances of finding new ways to optimise campaigns. This is next level stuff!


5. Variable Budget Options

With Programmatic Advertising YOU are in control. With this in mind, we want to talk about budgeting... This advertising platform gives marketers the ability to control their budget with a high level of accuracy. And this is all based on the real-world data we mentioned earlier. It uses AI to understand and optimise all campaigns, and with budget being a key component of digital advertising - it changes the game! 

You can set your maximum budget and adjust it to match the exact amount of marketing spend you are permitted to utilise. Meaning that no matter the size of your business, or your marketing revenue, Programmatic Advertising is possible for everyone and you can create ads with whatever size marketing budget works for you.



What to take from this? 

Programmatic Advertising definitely plays a significant part when looking to maximise conversions, and should absolutely be part of your Digital Strategy in 2023. With a massive audience reach, practically endless targeting capabilities, real time measurements and many more advantages, the real question is… why wouldn’t you incorporate Programmatic Advertising into your marketing strategy? 

That is why here at Loud Mouth, we will guide and support you through the entire process, guaranteeing that you will experience the full extent of all the many benefits that come with using programmatic advertising. Get in touch today or see more on working with a Programmatic Advertising Agency, here.