Threads has launched! What does this mean for advertisers?

18 July 2023

Meta continues to win us over. Launched July 6th, 2023, the new addition to the Meta family has a familiar user interface for those existing Instagram users. Controversially, Threads is a text-based app, supposedly a new rival for the number one, Twitter.

Threads, aims to act as a direct message feed which allows users to engage with followers through public conversation, like Twitter. Users need an Instagram account to continue to Meta Threads. This means Threads allows a seamless transition process through the link on your Instagram, within seconds your following is transferred over.


// What sets the new Meta app Threads apart from Twitter?


The new app, Threads has set itself apart from Twitter in many ways, it is a simplified version of Twitter with just a singular feed where all message threads can be found. Users can chat with followers from their current Instagram profiles, cutting out the hassle of following accounts from scratch. Threads is built to be more streamlined and user friendly than Twitter, with a simpler interface and a focus on visual content. Threads offers users a 500 character limit, while non-verified Twitter users have just 280. In terms of image posts, on Threads you can include up to 10 images whereas on Twitter the maximum photos per post is 4.


// What does this mean for advertisers?


The likeliness of Threads having paid ads on its platform are high considering Meta’s huge success with Facebook and Instagrams highly targeted paid ads. Threads will allow advertisers to market their products and services in a decentralised network, which can therefore lead to effective WOM marketing and brand advocacy.

Our Paid Social experts expect advertisers to be able to build effective campaigns utilising the latest Meta technology and resonate with target audiences through meaningful brand interactions. So, what are the advantages?


// Advantages of Threads

The meta family is trusted

Meta has already built trust and loyalty with users, due to its app family of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Meta Threads is an additional app for Instagram users. With Instagram also being part of the Meta family, it is a well-established platform with over 2.35 billion active users per month. This means that users, advertisers, and companies already have that initial trust with Threads.

Consumer engagement and brand building

Threads can act as a brand-new microblogging platform from Meta. This can increase updates and public conversations between a brand and its audience, as it allows brands to communicate on a personal and relatable level. Making posts more personal can be enhanced not only by text-based conversation but Meta Threads allows the option to also post up to 10 photos alongside the thread.

Threads can be used to be experimental and playful in tone of voice, engagement and brand personality. 

// What can we conclude?


Meta have released their new app with perfect timing, Twitter is forecast to lose approximately 4% of users by the end of 2023 because of uncertainty and confusion since the Musk takeover. Threads has presented a new and exciting opportunity to reach specific groups in a targeted and effective way.

Overall, Threads is a promising new addition to the social media landscape, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves and advertising opportunities are launched.

Check back for updates in the coming weeks or get in touch to work with our experts for Paid Social success!