What is the new Meta 4 Day A/B testing?

09 May 2023

Here at Loud Mouth Media we know how exciting and beneficial new announcements across all the digital marketing platforms can be! 

So today we want to talk about a recent new feature that has been added to Facebook Ads, and discuss why our experts at Loud Mouth Media can assist you when utilising this feature to its best ability.

This new feature Meta launched is a 4 day A/B test option, which enables users to test how turning on Standard enhancements would impact ad performance.

In order to do this Meta will run a 4-day test comparing your original ad against a copy with standard enhancements turned on - so it’s basically a sneak peak into what COULD happen!

To further explain this creative trial you should know that when standard enhancements are turned on, Meta will create multiple variations of your ad each with different text combinations, media enhancements and compositional changes. Meaning the results from these adjustments give you the guidance on the best and most effective ways.

There are endless benefits that come from utilising A/B testing on your Facebook ads, even the smallest changes can allow for significant improvements to Return on Ad Spend and overall conversions. And who wouldn’t want that?

To summarise, the 4-day A/B testing feature being introduced to Facebook ads is the ideal, quick trial period for any new campaigns across Facebook ads, without the need to make any risky major changes to budgets.

Speak to our award winning Paid Social experts to find out how we can drive growth for your business utilising the latest technology.