Reel-ise the Potential of Instagram

22 September 2022

Instagram Reels have been about for a while, and it's no surprise they're battling against Chinese giant, TikTok. But what do you know about Reels and what are the benefits? We’ll share the top four advantages of IG Reels from the perspective of optimising Social Advertising activity.

Full screen experiences like IG Story ads have always been great awareness drivers for brands. The idea of grabbing a user's attention with no distractions from other brands (or 'noise') has always been a great benefit, even if it is only for 5 seconds. 

Reels have also now allowed brands to be a bit more creative in making these connections. Instead of re-hashing a news feed video, brands are looking at a more organic approach to speak to their customers on a more personal level. This has made way for more collaborations with content creators/lifestyle influencers to help push brands forward through unique and engaging Reel content. 

The growth of Reels has provided a new platform for brands to reach audiences who may not currently follow/be aware of their brand. Reel ads are now going from strength to strength by allowing brands to target users with immersive, built-for-mobile videos that reach high intent audiences more likely to engage. So, let's get to the benefits...




1. Reach engaged audiences in a discovery mindset 

Users take to Reels to be entertained/educated, so therefore are more open to giving a new brand a chance once hit with an ad. Remember to keep your Reel content engaging to connect with these users during the first few seconds to encourage them to watch on. Share something new with them, showcase unique product features or feature enthusiastic reviews.

2. Full screen experience 

There is the opportunity to immerse a new user fully in your brand and its offering. Ensure you utilise the full screen experience effectively with engaging intros, transitions and text overlays that take up the full portrait screen to keep a user interested, and for proper best practise. Don’t leave black at the top and bottom of your screen and make the most of the full size screen - if you care about your creative, you care about your audience and engagement will follow.

3. Creative collaborations 

If developing content for Reels has been a challenge for your brand, collaborating with content creators/influencers can really help take your brand to the next level. It is the style of content that is recommended for Reels so not only does it provide you with new creative, it also accelerates your brand into a new market to reach new/potential customers on a level that relates to them. Similar to TikTok, users like to see authentic content so Reels featuring people and their real life experiences are engaging and appear less obvious as an advertisement.

4. Embed your brand in culture 

Reel ads serve as interstitial videos in-between trending Reels content that is driving culture forward. This means the placement will benefit your brand, as users are likely to be engaging with the content before your ad is shown. Make the most of that and make sure your ad doesn’t stick out as inauthentic. 


For one Ecommerce client we've seen a 43% increase in a reel campaign vs a normal campaign over the same period.

If you’re looking for support with managing your paid social activity, get in touch with our experts today and reel-ise your advertising potential. Okay enough with the puns… we will leave this here!


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