The Era of Personalisation. But where to start?

01 September 2022


Personalisation is so much more than just a buzz word right now!

When it comes to the world of Social Media Lead Generation - and it’s a hugely valuable area to master – it’s something that can transform your conversion rate.

Social Advertising at the moment is seeing personalisation being pushed heavily, with a recent Forbes study suggesting 91% of customers are likely to shop from brands that offer tailored experiences(think, recommendations) and offers, while 83% of consumers are ready to share information for the sake of personalization.

Those numbers don’t lie – since the pandemic, consumers are spoilt for choice and competition is thick. So, an addition of personalisation across your Lead Generation campaigns could be the difference between a conversion… and well, no conversion. And when the average person spends 144mins a day on Social Media, there is an audience out there worth grabbing.


So, what are some suggestions on ways to help drive conversions in the Personalisation game? Here are the two key areas to consider for Paid Social campaigns:

  1. Content Specific Forms: 

A word from the wise, targeting needs to be extremely relevant for this option to convert. For example, if a user has been on a specific part of a brand’s site during their research/discovery time but haven't engaged, re-connecting with these users with a lead form solely dedicated to that specific page’s content is a great way to get these users to engage.

This could be to provide the user more information on that brand/business in terms of recorded webinars/PDFs that can be sent to them once they fill in their details. It could be as simple as sending a discount code for the category they were just looking at,or getting them to sign up for a newsletter or competition.

If you can refine your targeting and make this content really relevant to your audience, it could be a real winner for Lead Generation.

  1. Variety Form: 

This option allows for broader targeting because the level of personalisation comes down to the form itself, and the questions asked. The standard elements like name, email, etc should still remain (always valuable info!) however, by adding a level of choice for users to click what content they are interested in, it makes all the difference.

The idea is, if you encourage users to submit information based on the fact they won’t be added to a generic email list, but instead the content they will receive via email will be hyper relevant to them – they are far more likely to complete the form. For example, a user visits a tourism website and they can select that they ONLY receive emails about city breaks and travel tours, they will remain active and engaged with your brand.

This then adds value to you, because you can then segment email lists / audience types by content and provide valuable information to your business on what users are more likely to be interested in, and feed that intelligence back into future paid ad campaigns. Win win!


There is so much more to Personalisation in the realms of Social Advertising, this is very much just the beginning. But if you’re looking to transform your Social Lead Generation strategy, we have the expert team you need to get the most up to date advice and recommendations.

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