Gamification | Increase Engagement in your Digital Advertising

27 January 2023

// What is Gamification?

Gamification brings the fun to your ads!

No one wants to continuously see boring, repetitive ads, right? Be different from the rest and grab your audience's attention by getting them involved when you combine your ad units with an interactive game or incorporating gaming elements into a non-gaming context. Adding this special touch to your ads can instantly provide an immersive, engaging and enjoyable experience for consumers, making your brand one to remember.

This is why we believe gamification is the next best thing to guarantee increased engagement and build that large and loyal customer base every organisation dreams about!


// Why use Gamification?

So, let’s talk about why using gamification should be at the top of your mind…

Easier to collect valuable data -  Collection of data is vital for every single business and is one of the most valuable assets when it comes to business growth. By making your ads fun and interactive, you are increasing the possibility that customers will provide the essential data that you need to gain a better, and developed, understanding of your target audience.

Enhance user engagement and build long term relationships - Gamification is the best way to get customers involved, as they are constantly encouraged to take specific actions with the chance to win vouchers, discounts, or loyalty points. This increased involvement within your playable ads, guarantees improved engagement rates, which in turn lays the foundations for long term, and loyal relationships between the customer and the brand. 

Improved conversion rate - Engagement raised, long term relationships built, valuable data collected - gamification clearly formulates the perfect recipe to improve overall conversion rates for ads. This is a very, very significant benefit to using gamification - what business doesn’t want a better conversion rate?!


// Digital Advertising and Gamification…


Who doesn’t love a competition? Get your consumers in the competitive spirit and drive brand visibility and interaction while you’re at it! This can suit both Lead Generation and Ecommerce brands.

Encourage your consumers to share, like and tag friends in your posts, with the chance to win either discounts, promotions or a prize if they choose to take part. This is a win-win situation for both you and your consumers, as exposure for your brand will increase and your consumers are in for the chance to win prizes and discounts to spend on any of your products. We’ve all done it for a brand we support, and this is a great way to include gamification tactics in your digital advertising.



Consumers are constantly looking for any offers or discounts when making a purchase, sometimes it’s the driving factor that pushes them past the uncertainty of completing a purchase. And this will only increase as the cost of living continues…

You can gamify your Ecommerce website by adding a pop-up to appear when users have been on your website for around 10 seconds or even an exit pop-up as they go to leave, giving them the opportunity to take part in a quick, interactive game, to win an offer on your next purchase. Specific examples of this are “spin the wheel” or “select a mystery box”, where the user just has to click a button to be in with the chance to get free delivery, 20% off all products and many other offers.

This sense of mystery and excitement will engage your consumers, and also lead them to provide their email address in order to receive their prize. Giving you the 1st party data you need to continuously update consumers on product offers, discounts and promotions and in turn guarantee continued purchases from them. 



Many big Ecommerce brands offer the chance to accumulate points for every purchase you make. This is ideal for growth and engagement within your business as the more points a consumer receives, the more promotions and discounts they will be rewarded in return. It’s also a great example of gamification at play!

Since loyal customers are possibly one of the most significant aspects of a successful business, this is definitely an important strategy to consider.


// Things to consider when Gamifying your Digital Marketing strategy

  • Keep it Simple and Easy 

Over complicated, time consuming tasks tend to be avoided by consumers. When you’re shopping online you want a quick and easy solution to receiving a discount or offer on the products you are about to purchase.

  • Provide Regular Rewards

Ensure that the rewards, promotions, offers and discounts that you offer are consistent. No one would want to sign up for a subscription, receive one discount offer and then never receive anything from then onwards. Once you’ve gamified and engaged your audience, make sure to keep them hooked.

  • Market Consistently

If you don’t let users know what you’re offering, no one will get involved. You need to get the word out there about any promotions or discounts you will be offering. Market on every single social platform you use - Get EVERYONE involved! 

  • Reward ALL Actions

No action is too small for a reward. Signing up for email subscription, clicking on an offer, referring a friend, sharing a post and so on are essential actions that will contribute towards increased engagement, interactions, awareness and of course conversions and sales!!


And there you have it - Gamification, a key aspect of digital performance marketing in 2023. If you want to learn more about Gamifying your campaigns and enhancing brand awareness, speak to our expert Social Advertising team here.

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