The Power Of Pinterest For Advertisers

03 October 2023


// Pinterest is on the rise, and this could bring big opportunities for advertisers!

With Pinterest being as big as ever, with over 465 million monthly users, what better time for new tools and features?

On 13th September, Pinterest held "Pinterest Presents," an annual advertising summit. This gives Pinterest a chance to share Pinterest news and insights straight from company leaders and in-house innovators to advertisers. From new ad formats and shopping tools to unique audience opportunities, product innovation at Pinterest is at an all-time high. As an advertiser, you want to take advantage of these opportunities!


Here's a round-up of the most significant Pinterest Presents insights & what you should expect as an advertiser in the upcoming weeks:


// Fresh advertising formats designed for more robust engagement.

Pinterest has now launched two new ad formats; these are specifically targeted towards engagement to change discovery to decision. These two format ads are called Showcase Ads and Quiz Ads.


Showcase Ads

Display multiple pins in one ad. This means advertisers can pin and tag clickable links on your site already, allowing advertisers to display various images, products, and features in one unit.


Quiz Ads

 Pinterest's new dynamic and interactive ads allow you to interact with your audience. Advertisers can now create and craft questions specific to their audience that they want answered. This means individuals engaging with ads will see tailored results based on their responses to the quiz Ads.


// Seamless shopping tools

 Let your content shine with Premiere Spotlight

Pinterest are now adding on to their Premiere spotlight, which was originally added for search takeover. They are now bringing the premier spotlight to the home feed. This is to help advertisers grab their audience right at the discovery stage. Premier Spotlight is a fast-paced ad bringing more attention than ever to business with edge–to–edge videos. 


Mobile deep and direct links

55% of users on Pinterest consider Pinterest as a place to shop. Pinterest's new feature allows advertisers to add mobile deep and direct links for their audiences to go effectively from the awareness stage to the purchase stage of their customer journey. With just one click, this allows users to get directed straight to specific pages on a retailer's mobile or website.


New e-commerce integrations

For instant inventory updates and insights into account conversion outcomes, Pinterest allows advertisers to seamlessly upload a product catalogue by expanding their ecosystem to Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce. This is an excellent way for businesses to generate growth. 

It will be as simple as linking your store to your Pinterest business account and selecting each desired feature from the Pinterest API for Shopping and Conversions. These integrations are accessible to businesses in all countries utilizing Pinterest ads.



Pinterest is currently testing a new feature called Collages, enabling advertisers to craft boards and see how products come together to create visuals that ultimately inspire.

This is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to make the most of their creative side by uploading their product catalogues and adding their specific products to collages.


"Our vision is that all products will be shoppable in collages, just like everything else on Pinterest." - Sabrina Ellis, Chief Product Officer, Pinterest.



// Pinterest for Agencies

Pinterest also announced improvements to help advertisers manage their client's presence on Pinterest. They effectively streamline workflows.


Business Manager

Looking for new ways to operate efficiently on Pinterest?

This Autumn, Pinterest's new business manager makes life for advertising agencies much easier. With better account structure, advertisers can plan, launch and manage clients' accounts with the new dashboard of tools for all client account metrics.



// What can we conclude?

Ultimately, Pinterest updates will enable advertisers to tap into the distinctive business perspective of their Pinterest audience, who come to the platform to find inspiration to act.


Pinterest is growing more than ever, and there is no better time to add it to your social media strategy.

Check back for updates in the coming weeks or get in touch to work with our experts for Paid Social success!