The Elon Musk Effect | Does the Future for Twitter Look Bright for Advertisers?

03 November 2022

As you will have seen this week, Elon Musk is definitely making his mark when it comes to being the new fearless leader of Twitter! As we’ve seen across the news details of new paid Twitter accounts, we’re wondering what will it mean for long-time users… and being the Advertisers that we are, we also wonder what it will mean for brands wanting to use the platform for Advertising.

For some time now, and we’re sorry to say it, Twitter hasn’t been able to keep up with the meteoric rises of TikTok, Facebook / Instagram, and the likes of YouTube. All social platforms and all massive hubs for digital growth. So, will Elon Musk be the change Twitter needs to become a stronger Advertising platform?

There are 2 new Elon additions to consider here that make us think there is some potential brewing…


  1. User Gathering & Discussion:

Now arguably, Twitter has been a place of discussion from the start – but Elon’s plans are slightly different and a way to draw on the strengths of the platform. Industry experts say Elon has plans to attempt to reposition the platform to be the key location for user gathering and discussion. How does he plan to do this, you ask?

This is where the new ‘Content Council’ comes in. A trusted group who can ban users who provoke controversy and therefore keep the discussions productive and remove the prevalence of ‘internet trolls’. This council will encourage new users to the platform to start sharing their views on key topics, and ultimately boost community and thought leadership across topics that span the globe. Think of it like a super potent focus group.

The key aspect of succeeding in this re-positioning is getting a younger demographic on the platform so it can compete with the other social media giants #progressthough!


  1. Video Games:

Now here is where the Tesla Founder is really flexing his innovative mind-set, and the most exciting element for potential Advertisers. There is talk of Twitter’s very own Video Game mode, driving engagement, in-platform interactions, and let’s be honest – could really spark some life back into the platform. From an Advertising perspective, if his plan succeeds, these 'gatherings' will be extremely beneficial to help Twitter grow in an exciting way, and most importantly, regain its strength amongst the current top players like Meta and TikTok.

Think about key locations like Times Square or Piccadilly Circus, prime locations for people to gather and converse. Prime areas for big events, film premiers, music concerts, etc. The 'gatherings' Twitter aim to start are similar to these locations - high volumes of traffic to areas that matter. And what is heavily featured in these locations? Advertising! Large billboards, digital screens, and all at a high cost because brands know these areas will get the high levels of footfall to help their brands grow. If Twitter’s Advertising looks at it the same way, it could be a really lucrative new way to connect with a mass volume of new users.

Our initial reaction? This could be the turning point to push Twitter back to the top… and we are definitely happy to watch and see what comes of it all!


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