PPC Checklist 2021: How to optimise your Google Ads campaigns this year

07 December 2020


Starting to think about how to optimise your PPC campaigns in 2021? More and more people are seeing the power of digital advertising, with paid search being one of the key drivers of the shift to online marketing. Here's what we see as the key factors to keep up with the latest PPC trends in 2021.

Automation & Machine Learning

With the use of smart bidding on Google, you can focus a campaign that will achieve your overall goals (i.e. maximising clicks/conversions).

There is more of a focus on strategic thinking, as automation takes away some of the more laborious tasks & allows us to focus more on the strategy of the client accounts.

However it’s not simply a matter of setting it up & forgetting about it, regular reviews are required with human judgement & business context to boot.

A Greater Focus On Brand Affinity

For paid search, the use of social and display ads as well as other forms of brand advertising to focus on creating a buzz around your product or service before people begin to search.

When a campaign succeeds without branded keywords, it indicates there is a brand awareness & affinity surrounding your products.

Competition & The Rising CPCs

With the rising costs of search ads, you may see that costs are outweighing the results.

When this is the case a greater emphasis could be placed on display advertising or remarketing.

Emphasis On Conversion Rate Optimisation

Usually focused on briefly; when constructing a new website & then forgot about thereafter. If a company is looking to grow, CRO and a website's usability needs to be a focus of your marketing activity.

The smallest of alterations in page design & the usability, can lead to dramatic changes in results.

Enhancements can be made by trying to empathise with users. Go through the buyer’s journey from start to finish, on a variety of devices & flag up any issues that you come across.

The Importance Of Video Advertising

Video has already became an integral part to any digital marketing strategy over the last couple of years & that shows no sign of slowing down in 2021.

As time goes on companies can create professional quality videos without the need for a large budget.

These videos help establish a level of trust with an audience by enabling a business to show off their personality & what they are trying to represent.

Responsive Search Ads

Offers the ability to include 15 different headlines with 4 different descriptions within the one advert.

Ensure that your various headlines work together, no matter what way they have been combined.

Avoid making your headlines repetitive. Google will not even show your responsive search ad if the content is very similar.

Google will analyse the best performing combinations for a variety of factors including keywords, past browsing behaviour and what type of device users are on.

Visual Search

While still relatively new, we have seen the likes of Snapchat and Pinterest launch products via visual search.

Its makes the process of searching for a product much easier for the consumer & enables them to shop directly through images (Shoppable pins).

Cross Channel Reporting

We don’t just look at the bottom line PPC conversion metrics, but the full impact of ads across Direct, Organic and other traffic sources.

User behaviour involves more and more cross device activity so rather than looking too much at PPC only data, we need to step back and look at the whole picture.

Affinity Audiences For Search

Affinity audiences have been available in the Google Display Network & video campaigns for the last few years.

These audiences are based around browsing history & enable advertisers to focus in on broader areas to target specific audiences. I.e. “Fitness Enthusiasts” or “Foodies”.

Full Funnel Strategies

A business cannot rely on Search to bring it long term success.

Targeting users effectively at each touch point in the conversion journey is a much more sustainable approach in building and maintaining brand success.

Google Betas

As a Google Premier Partner, we have early access to these and successfully tested a number of them last year. We are excited to implement them on our current clients campaigns moving into 2021.

Interested in getting your PPC campaigns ready for the latest trends in 2021 - contact us now to find out how Loud Mouth Media can solve your digital advertising headaches. 

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