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YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors. Are you getting in on this video advertising movement?

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Loud Mouth Media are Video Marketing experts with proven experience driving conversions via Youtube.

While the growth of mobile has been the biggest influencer of change in digital advertising in recent years, video is undoubtedly the next huge shift that businesses need to embrace. Each month people are generating billions of views, making YouTube the perfect platform to share engaging video ads with potential customers.

YouTube is the #2 search engine on the web...

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Video advertising is now more accessible than ever, offering businesses of all sizes a cost-effective platform to engage with their audiences. With a multitude of options, Video advertising can reach a hyper-relevant, defined audience – resulting in maximum reach and minimal budget wastage. When you advertise on YouTube, you only ever pay when someone chooses to watch your ad (at least 30 seconds) so ad spend is never wasted on users who aren’t interested in your video!


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With targeting capabilities to reach all demographics on a global scale through granular interest targeting, consumer behaviour patterns and even during major life milestones – what are you waiting for?

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