Paid-For Verification Accounts | Social Advertising

16 March 2023

Authentic, trustworthy and well-known -

These are 3 words you should aspire to be associated with on Social Media. A business known by those words will increase brand awareness and in general, maximise conversions. 

So, how do you get there? 

You know the blue tick verification for Social Media accounts? These words are exactly what that tick represents. Being one big step closer to being acknowledged as an authentic, trustworthy and well-known brand. 

Our advice? Get verified!


// Meta Verified

Recently Meta has announced the introduction of what they are calling “Meta Verified'', which is where Instagram and Facebook users will be able to purchase a subscription plan for a blue tick verification.



At the moment this service is only currently available for personal account users, and in Australia and New Zealand, with no definite date released for the introduction of this new feature for business accounts and across other countries. However, it has been revealed in a social media post that the main man himself, Mr. Zuckerburg, has stated we should be expecting the arrival of Meta Verified in other countries, “soon” - way to leave us on the edge of our seats, right?!


// What is this Blue Tick & Why You Want One

A blue tick is a token of authenticity and verification, and has previously been used on high profile accounts such as celebrities’ profiles, media companies, or well-known brands. This is because it can provide a vast number of benefits for your account:


1. Improved protection and security 

Even with the introduction of a paid subscription for a blue tick verification, Meta have made clear that in order to become a verified account, Instagram and Facebook users must match a government supplied ID document, and it is a requirement to have a profile picture that includes their face. This means you can easily fight off all potential impersonators trying to pretend to be you… how this will work for business accounts in the future, watch this space!


2. Marks your account as authentic, and credible 

Everyone knows having a blue tick means you are the “real deal”, resulting in instant identification of authority and provides an added factor of trust that other users will rely on when viewing your account.


3. Increases the visibility of your posts

Being a verified account means your posts will be shown higher up in the search results of users - ensuring you are one step ahead of facebook’s algorithm, and that is a hard task to overcome!


// Keep an Eye on What’s Coming!

So, now you know why this feature is most definitely one to keep an eye on! 

Even with it not being available for businesses just yet, it is a clear shortcut to growing and establishing your own personal account and if the success continues, the subscription will hopefully further expand your brand reach. 

I know we already said this but… watch this space!