Four Big Advantages of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

16 January 2023

Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about getting more from your website traffic. Say you have 100,000 people on your website every week – great news that’s a lot of traffic! But if you’re not getting many sales from that traffic, you need to know why. In our latest blog, our experts explain what CRO is and our top four reasons why it matters.  

What is CRO 

CRO is all about analysing your website to see how website visitors can be converted into customers by understanding how they interact and removing friction from that journey.  

It’s win-win, the customer doesn’t leave your site disgruntled and in turn you increase your conversion rate. When your website is easier to navigate and understand, customers are more likely to enquire/purchase. 

Why should you optimise your conversion rate? 

1. Get the most from your Paid Social and PPC spend 

If you are driving traffic to your website, you want to do everything possible to encourage that traffic to make a purchase or enquire (aka drive a conversion). After all, you paid for them to come to your site with the objective of a strong Return on Investment. Make those clicks pay for themselves. 

2. Beat the competition 

Think of ecommerce sites such as Amazon which are fully optimised to make the users experience and path to purchase as simple (and as fast) as possible. Functional search bars, 2 clicks to payment, recommendations based on recent purchases and searches, clean white spaces, reviews, simple checkout etc, this is not by accident. The user can make a purchase in seconds and with very few clicks. 

If your brand is competing against products also available on marketplaces like this, you need to remove that friction on your site, even with the best intention to Support Local and Support Small Businesses users will drop off if things get complicated. With a CRO audit you can get a better understanding of how to remove that friction and make it easier to play the big shots at their own game.

3. Improve sales from current traffic 

You don’t need to have new traffic to feel the benefits of improved CRO on your site. A CRO audit means that you can analyse the journey of current customers, where their pain points are, where they drop off, etc. Your existing traffic rather than first time users can also benefit hugely from a more functional and easier to use website. And so can you! 

Think about how some existing users might just go and purchase the same things each time, perhaps your most popular product. However, if you provide options such as ‘explore similar products’ or ‘check out these x you might like’ you are encouraging your user to explore new products/services and increase their dwell time. When providing relevant options for your users at different points you are also creating the opportunity for increased revenue for your business. See how beneficial CRO can be?

4. Improve loyalty of current customers 

Understanding your audience better through a CRO audit also gives you the opportunity to create more loyal customers. The increased data means you can understand when to target them at peak moments to drive ‘welcome back’ messages and integrate this with your other marketing activity. E.g. push discount codes for returning users through Paid Social activity.  

The real advantage of CRO is it can push your target audience down the funnel and help you understand how to improve getting strangers to become loyal customers with less budget and in less time.  

Incorporate CRO into an integrated marketing strategy and that’s where things can really start to take off for business growth. Speak to our team of experts today to enquire about a CRO audit for your business.