Automated Creative | Can it Unlock More Conversions?

12 January 2023

As we enter the new year, it’s the ideal time to be assessing strategies for growth in 2023. It’s also the ideal time for new tools and innovations to be released, as people are in the right mindset for A/B testing and experimenting.

Well, the new kid of the PPC block is of course automation… but not as you would normally know. This time Automated Creative.

As with many Google products, the latest is also all about driving efficiency and enhancing conversions. But how exactly would this work? Our Head of Performance breaks it down.



Well, the same checklist for creative remains as it always has:

  • The more formats the better (and there are a LOT)
  • The more tailored to your audiences the better
  • The more you update creative to speak to your audience, the more it can push them down the funnel from brand awareness to a conversion

The introduction of Automated Creative is set to make all of those tried and tested aspects even more efficient and more flexible depending on your brand’s products and service.



It won’t be news to anyone who has used Google Advertising before, that the best way to maximise your conversion potential is to be across all of Google’s channels and have the right creative for each of those channels:

  • YouTube
  • Display
  • Discovery
  • Search
  • Gmail
  • Maps

However, to have tailored creative for each of those channels, and to then have it be tailored to different stages of your buying journey, AND to then also be tailored to whether it’s the first time they’ve seen an ad or whether its re-marketing, etc. The list goes on, and suddenly creative feels like a huge task. Needing thousands of creative options for thousands of different people… hence why automating that process could save time for advertisers and brands alike.



So, what does the process look like and how exactly will it drive efficiency. The process is as follows:

  1. Give Google your Brand Assets

Literally that easy. You provide core creative components like still images, logos, videos, headlines, descriptions – the more variety the better – and curate an asset library that Google can access and create new asset with.

  1. It’s a Mix Up

Once the machine has been fed with your assets, Google’s machine learning then mixes and matches difference combinations of your assets to create a variety of AI generated creative. The machine is trying to create visuals that it feels Google audiences will respond the best to as well, not just any ol’ creative!

  1. Final Ads Are Created

Then across the Performance Max inventory, final ads will be created to be displayed across the many Google channels on offer. You will be able to see previews before these ads go live, and then post them and set campaigns live.

  1. The REAL Magic

And it doesn’t stop there! Google’s machine learning will continue trying to understand what creative your audience responds positively to, and when it understands that and can see conversions coming from particular creative, it will then optimise visibility for that creative and in future, know to make more creative like that.

For example, below you can see how Google’s AI interface will operate. It has selected the same image (#13 from the library), and has combined different versions of Headlines and Descriptions to test which performs better. After all, our audiences are changing as fast as our socioeconomic circumstances, and so too should your creative.


It’s mind-blowing what AI can do to enhance digital advertising; and as with all digital activity, all this data will be available to feed back into your wider strategies. For example, if you see your audience respond better to short form videos, you can upload more short form video assets to your Google library. If you see a particular CTA drives more conversions, then you can remove other headlines from your library. But regardless, the insights will be just as valuable as the time saved.

So, would you consider Automated Creative in 2023?

And if so, how would you then re-use that time you’ve just got back?


As Google Premier Partners, our expert PPC team have had early access to these Google products and can offer you the expert advice you need to optimise all activity for conversions. Make sure to get in touch, and let’s talk creative!