Budget Growth | It Ain’t Money for Nothing

21 February 2023


As we live amongst this cost-of-living crisis, whether it be your private home, private spending or business budgets – we’re all being careful. But for some, that ‘careful’ analysis can be of course cost cutting… for others, that analysis can be spend versus reward. And from activity in recent weeks, we can see the reward is there if you do it right!

Remember our blog Spend to Survive? Well, it’s still very relevant, see it here!

While we can’t avoid worrying stories on the news, we do have some positive news to share that we feel will boost some confidence in Performance Marketing – regardless of socioeconomic circumstances.

See below for a case study that showcases how budget growth, when considered and timed right, can be a game changer!




Our client works within the construction sector, and selling the bespoke, high-quality conservatories that they do, winter can be a slow period for their ecommerce business. With monthly and quarterly planning sessions, we have worked closely with our client to build trust and transparency when it comes to our PPC strategy. So, when we pitched to them a huge growth opportunity based on Google Search Volume data; they listened.

Seeing ‘Conservatory’ keywords increasing on Google and Bing, we advised that ahead of the Spring period, and the weather improving, we should upweight their budget to take advantage of that high-intent audience. They agreed to raise their monthly spend by 50%, and trusted our expert PPC team to bring in the conversions they needed.


Within the first month, we generated the following results:

  • 30% Increase in CTR
  • 24% in Clicks to Website
  • Reduction in non-quality Website Traffic
  • 77% Increase in Leads
  • 14% Reduction in Cost per Acquisition


Ultimately, when PPC campaigns are set up right, Google can efficiently use that extra money, rather than playing a guessing game. Their campaigns had run long enough that Google knew the high-intent / conversion-rich audience and we could therefore bid more aggressively towards users that previously they couldn’t reach in the past.

Do you have an Ecommerce, B2B or B2C business? And are you looking for some Spring cleaning in your Digital Strategy? Get in touch with our expert team, and we can explore new ways to drive growth.

After all, it ain’t money for nothing in our sector!