Project Magi – The Big Change Google Is Making To Search

19 April 2023

Have you heard the news about Google’s latest update?

Codenamed Project Magi, it is expected that this will develop into a new search engine replacing the traditional Google search engine that we are all familiar with.

What do we know so far…

A lot of the details of Project Magi are still being kept under wraps but with approximately 160 engineers working on this, we are expecting big things. Read on to find out more.

Ecommerce on Google

The biggest change expected from Project Magi is how users’ shop. Consider the massive opportunity for brands if Google showed your products to relevant audiences and then allowed them to purchase at the click of the button.

In terms of encouraging purchases, we always encourage our clients to make the customer journey as simple as possible and remove any opportunity for friction. Think about how many times you have clicked off a website because either it is not what you are looking for or you are too lazy to go upstairs, get your card and then type out all the card details (we know you have done it at least once…). This is costing brands millions of pounds every year.

A solution? Google could allow users to make purchases without having to visit different brands websites and integrate payment through Google Pay. Simple as that.

Conversational Search

From what we know, Google is wanting to incorporate more advanced AI into search to create more intelligent results tailored to individuals.

Project Magi is expected to develop search results which learn from previous conversations and other interactions. Think about when you shout in your kitchen ‘Alexa play music’ and Alexa starts playing some of your favourite songs as if by magic! We are familiar with this type of AI technology which considers your preferences based on previous interactions, however smart speakers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Google as we know it, currently considers your location and other factors but users still get reasonably similar results for the same searches. We expect that in the future, Google Search is going to start providing more personal results that are more conversational and in a much simpler format, saving users time and effort.

How will this affect digital strategies?

Long story short, we don’t see ads going anywhere. Google is a business and ads make up a MASSIVE 58% of its revenue stream.

However, we expect that the way ads will work will change long term. Currently Google works on a Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click (PPC) basis, put simply digital performance marketers experts (like ourselves) analyse data and trends to determine Cost Per Acquisition and measure campaign success to inform a digital strategy.

In the not-too-distant future, we expect Google to shift to a Cost Per Acquisition model to improve user experience and simplify this process.

The introduction of Project Magi should also increase relevant traffic meaning your products are shown to audiences who are more likely to make a purchase. This is beneficial to both Google and brands. Win, win.

What can we be sure of?

As ever the digital landscape will continue to change and we must adapt to Google’s preferences to stay ahead. Loud Mouth Media have an award winning Digital Performance team including SEO and PPC experts, as Google Premier Partners we also have access to all the latest news, tools and insights meaning we have our ears to the ground for Project Magi.

If you want to stay ahead, get in touch with our experts here.