Maximising ROI: Combining Meta's Catalogue and Google Analytics to Drive Results.

15 February 2024

Meta Advertisers, listen up! When it comes to Meta's performance in e-commerce, it's pretty clear that the catalogue feature is undoubtedly a key player in Meta's suite of advertising tools. By connecting your product inventory to Meta, you can unlock a whole range of possibilities to not just promote your brand's products, but also boost those sales!  


Now, here's the thing: within this catalogue, there are two key ways to make it work wonders for you. First, there's prospecting – showing your products to new customers who might just be waiting to discover your brand. And then, there's remarketing – showing products to users who have seen them before. Think of it as reminding potential customers of what they've been missing out on!  


But, far too often, advertisers are failing to make use of the data at their disposal.  Instead of getting into the juicy data and using it effectively, they simply rely on Meta's algorithm to work its mysterious magic. Guilty? Now, don't get me wrong, Meta's algorithm is pretty mind-blowing, but sometimes it can be a little too fixated on specific audiences, ads, or even products. 


That's where the "breakdown" tool in ads manager comes to the rescue like a trusty sidekick! By selecting "Product ID," you can discover the hidden insights about which products your catalogues are really spending their energy on.  


But warning, this breakdown tool can be frustrating sometimes too. Meta might show favouritism to certain products, throwing all its spend on them when maybe these aren’t the products generating the return for your business! 


By combining the Google Analytics data with this Meta breakdown data, you can fully understand which products resonate with users and which to focus on. When auditing, too often do we see spend going towards products not selling and ignoring the data at hand. Quite often, the advertisers didn’t even know this data existed.  


Don't settle for just scratching the surface with Meta's algorithm – we’ll supply you with valuable insights to drive real results! 


Yes, Meta's algorithm is indeed incredible. But let's be real – everyone needs a bit of guidance to achieve true success, so get in touch with our team today. Grab your trusty Google Analytics and ads manager insights and let us help you to make some informative decisions for your ad strategy!