A Day in the Life of a Social Advertising Account Manager

24 January 2019

No day at Loud Mouth is the same - find out what our Social Account Manager gets up too!

Tell us some facts about yourself.


I am originally from Omagh but have moved around a bit before settling now Belfast! After spending 3 years in Lancashire for my degree I then moved to Manchester for 2 years to work in the fashion industry (because of which, I am a little obsessed with shopping!). My monochrome wardrobe is forever expanding- rarely a week goes by without me buying something new. Music is also a big part of my life, with a never-ending Spotify playlist filled with anything from classic rock to metal, I am constantly trying to fit in as many gigs as possible!


What did you study at University?


After school I did an Art Foundation at the University of Ulster in which I specialised in Visual Communication. I then completed an undergrad degree in Fashion Brand Management at University of Central Lancashire where I obtained a 1st class honours.


How/why did you get into digital advertising?


My degree allowed me to look into all aspects of brand and marketing - this included creative strategy, campaign planning, social media, graphics and more. This made me realise that the digital side of marketing was where I wanted to build my experience.


My first role after graduating was within the ecommerce field, this role soon progressed into social & content and over time it was clear that this was where my strengths lie. From this, I proceeded to have different roles within the social field (both paid and organic). Loud Mouth was my first step into solely paid social which I know was the right decision for my career.


Please talk us through a typical day for you at Loud Mouth Media.


No day at Loud Mouth is the same, which is a good thing! For me, it starts with a coffee (or 3), email checks, creating a list of the tasks for the day and then carrying out account checks on all live campaigns. As my role is quite diverse my daily tasks can include a variety of the following:


  • Optimising live campaigns to improve performance/results
  • Liaising with clients on reports and new focuses for the weeks ahead
  • Building new campaigns for current/new clients
  • Creating social strategies and proposals
  • Researching new targeting methods & platform updates to stay ahead


What do you enjoy most about your job?


My current client list is so diverse making each campaign completely different - this means having to think outside the box to connect with each audience. It is this creative side of account management that I really enjoy! 


Another big thing is the people I work with. As a team we all work really well together - whether it is fresh eyes on a complicated campaign or simply just a ridiculous conversation topic to make any Monday that little bit better! With regular team nights out, our close-knit team really make Loud Mouth a great place to work.


Most challenging aspects of your job?


One of the most challenging aspects of the job is ensuring we stay up to date with the forever changing social ad platforms. With new updates coming through nearly every week it is important to understand what's new, how to utilise it and how we can use it to benefit our clients.


What kind of skills do you need to succeed in the job?


A successful account manager has many skills. I personally think patience is one of the key attributes needed as the best campaigns take time to build and perform their best. As well as this you need the following:


  • Strategic thinking to ensure the best type of targeting is in place for each campaign
  • A creative mind to think of engaging ad copy
  • Great time management skills - agencies are fast-paced places to work!
  • Communication is crucial! Regular interaction with clients, bouncing ideas off your team and asking for help when needed are all important to succeeding in any account manager role.


Favourite tools to help you get the job done?


There are several tools that make my job easier, the obvious one is Facebook Business Manager! A few other tools that help me are the following:


  • Google Analytics - This is really useful to analyse full campaign performance including the customer journey, direct conversions, website traffic etc. It is also a great way to provide clients with in-depth information on their campaigns when they receive their monthly reports.
  • Emoji Extension - It is amazing how many requests we get from clients to add emoji's into ad copy to make them more ‘fun', with the Google emoji extension it makes this really easy to do with a full variety of emoji's to choose from.
  • Canva - From being used to Photoshop in previous roles being introduced to Canva was a life changer. Canva is an online platform allowing anyone to create great presentations and graphics quickly and easily. The perfect tool when time is off the essence for a campaign presentation!


Any advice for aspiring talent?


If digital advertising is the career path you want to go down then doing your research is important in knowing what area you want to progress in. There are loads of webinars and podcasts online with great information on both PPC and Social advertising so check out the different options available to see if it sounds like something you would like to do as a career.


Finally, never underestimate the people around you, before Loud Mouth I was nowhere near as clued up on Social Advertising as I am now but from learning on the job, trialling out different strategies and discussing ideas with my team it has allowed me to grow in confidence and reach the standard I am now at.

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