How Much Should a SEO Audit Cost

25 September 2023


SEO audits never fail to surprise us! The SEO audits we’ve done over the years at Loud Mouth always uncover indexation issues or content-related issues that you wouldn’t think a site should have. Even the most seasoned website owners get caught off guard!


From page speed issues or incorrect canonicals to misuse of Hreflang attributes on the technical side to having non-conform metadata to missing a heading structure on the content front, we’ve seen it all. 


Before we dive into the specifics of what an SEO audit should cost, there are some crucial points to consider before deciding to get an SEO audit for your site.


What is an SEO Audit?


A Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) audit thoroughly assesses a website’s alignment with the standards set by search engines. An SEO audit reviews various technical, on-page and off-page aspects, collectively serving as a barometer for the website’s overall well-being concerning its visibility and placement within search engine rankings. 


For a deeper understanding of the areas scrutinised during an SEO audit and why your site should opt to have one done, click here. And, if you’re particularly interested in technical SEO, have a read here. 


Are all SEO audits equal?


In a word, no. Not all SEO audits are the same. 


You may have come across websites that offer free or cheap SEO audits. With many tools allowing people to generate an SEO audit within minutes just by clicking a few buttons, it is crucial to recognise that automated SEO audits primarily highlight basic technical issues and don’t consider your website's unique needs and goals or your target audience.


Investing in a professional SEO audit is recommended if you truly want to improve your website’s SEO. After all, SEO transcends the basics; it demands a level of technical expertise to truly excel. 


Factors influencing SEO audit pricing?


The pricing of SEO audits spans a wide range, typically from around £500 to £10,000 or more. Understanding what influences this pricing is essential because cost isn’t just a monetary factor; it encompasses time and resources, too. 


Several key factors contribute to the pricing of an SEO audit:  


  • Audited Elements: agencies or freelancers will offer different features in their audit 


  • Website Size: a larger website with more pages will naturally demand more time for assessment 


  • Website Complexity: websites with multiple systems and integrations will necessitate more in-depth auditing and expertise 


  • Expertise: the more experience the SEO auditor has, the higher the SEO services pricing will be 


  • Tools utilised: the quality of the tools used can also have an impact on the cost 


So, how much does an SEO audit cost in 2023?


In the UK, SEO audit pricing exhibits significant variation, ranging from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands.   


At Loud Mouth Media, we offer a free SEO Audit option too. If you’re only interested in getting a basic view of your SEO, click here to see what our free audit includes and to request one. 


Our comprehensive SEO Audit, which includes technical SEO, On-page and Off-page SEO, can only be priced after the team does some initial checks to see how much work will be needed. Furthermore, we can also tailor our SEO audits to your needs. 


Can Loud Mouth help with SEO?


At Loud Mouth, our seasoned SEO team have done hundreds of SEO audits in recent years.  


Being a digital marketing agency, we passionately recommend that businesses invest in their website’s health and organic presence by doing an SEO audit regularly – after all, organic is FREE!  


Let’s talk about your company’s SEO today!