Google Premier Partners | What it really means!

25 February 2022

A week on from being announced as a 2022 Google Premier Partner, we took some time to speak to our Head of Performance on what the status means to Loud Mouth, the industry, and for clients.

Being a Top 3% Agency in the UK is one thing, to lead the expert team from the front is another. Here’s what Chris had to say!


1. Can you start by telling us a bit about what being a Google Premier Partner means? (for Loud Mouth & the Industry) 

The opportunity it offers from Google is huge. We get extra access to so many different things that other Agencies just simply don’t. We get additional training for our team, access to betas and innovative tools to help optimise client campaigns, access to insights, the list goes on and on.

And the best part of getting early access to these betas is that it allows us to optimise client campaigns in ways their competition cant for sometimes up to 6months earlier. This means less competition for products, it keeps the costs lower for CPCs and CPA drops too. So the status hugely benefits us and our clients.

2. What about what it means to you and your team? (For you and your Team)

Well its proof of how good our team are and how hard we work, PLUS the results we’re able to generate for clients. The Premier Partner status was more diluted before as lots of Agencies could achieve it, but now to be the Top 3% in the UK / IRE is massive for all of us.

Personally, I like that the team can now enjoy knowing their work is top grade. I also like to see them develop professionally in ways not available in all other Agencies. They get extra training, they get access to all types of campaigns (video, smart shopping, etc) and constantly being able to learn and grow means they get better and better. It’s great to see!

3. What was the process like to achieve this Google Premier Partner status in 2022?

It’s been a big project, starting early in 2021. It’s included staying within the parameters given by Google, and covering a lot of ground. That’s included using betas / new tools and innovations, growing client accounts (both in spend and performance) and always remaining agile to the new Google additions. Plus ensuring the team are always being trained and upskilled, so we are knowledgeable in all things Google. This has been in things like bidding strategies, and ensuring all activity aligns with client expectations and helps achieve client objectives. It’s been busy, but we remained above 90% consistently through the year to ensure Google knew we were an Agency deserving of the title.

4. How do you balance achieving success for clients and not losing sight of innovation, growth and team development?

It’s been no small achievement, but it really was achieved with everyone moving as a cohesive unit. We ensured the team understood the value of this for the Agency, for them and their clients, and we all pushed forward. We have always been clients and results first, and with the access we get enhancing our performance across the board, it aligned well with our own business success.

We proudly saw client growth increase 140% in 2021, up from 5% growth in 2020. So we’re pretty proud of what we’ve done!

5. Any lessons learnt along the way?

Loads! The main one is to trust Google. Google want to grow and be innovative and help businesses grow too. They have their eye on development and always want to drive forward, so trusting them will benefit performance. We are happy that Loud Mouth have always been agile and moved with innovations, it’s the reason we are industry leading and will remain that way.   

6. Serious final question, would you do it all again?

Absolutely, and we need to do it every year to remain in the Top 3%.

To stay at the top of our game, and at the top of the industry, we cant rest on our laurels. In the Digital Performance sector we will always be measured and assessed on results and growth, and so we will always keep pushing to remain one of the best.


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