What your Digital Strategy should include in 2022

20 December 2021

2020 and 2021 have been unprecedented years. As the pandemic continues, we have seen some sectors thrive and some struggle. So, what will 2022 bring? If only we knew… but we’re Digital Marketers, not mind readers.

What we do know though, is that with the right digital marketing strategy in place – regardless of socioeconomic conditions outside your front door – your business can remain agile, and drive conversions. We’ve compiled our top 8 trends to consider for your Digital Strategy in 2022:


1. Don’t Ignore TikTok & Reels – Video Marketing & Social Culture

“Social media user numbers have surged in the past 12 months too, with 520 million new users joining social media in the year to July 2021. That equates to annualised growth of 13.1 percent, or an average 16½ new users every single second.” (Smart Insights)

The platforms that burst into social culture through the pandemic are still a hugely influential tool for digital marketing performance. TikTok and Instagram’s Reels are platforms utilising the power of video marketing and driving strong engagement for brands from both influencers and targeted advertising. Built off the premise of micro-content, content that only requires short viewing – ideal for the distracted mobile user on the go – these new platforms when harnessed right, can be huge for consumer brands, and the corporate world is starting to see positive results too.

Your 2022 strategy shouldn’t ignore the power of these platforms, and with the right customer analysis on what content your customers engage with and respond to – it could be a strong gateway to enhanced conversions in the New Year.

2. Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence & Marketing Success

Not in a ‘the robots are coming’ kind of way, but in a – machine learning and automation can transform your digital marketing performance and effectively manage time and budgets. Ideal for any business, right?

Artificial intelligence has been a term phrased for some time now in the tech / innovation sphere, but it has made big waves in marketing through 2021 and now that Google’s machine learning engine has gone through its own learning phase – it’s now optimising campaigns and showing great signs for the future. Whether it be Google’s Smart Shopping or Smart Bidding features, your 2022 digital marketing strategy should include AI features. Our expert PPC team can offer expertise in this area should you need it, and being a Google Premier Partner, Loud Mouth Media are the ideal Agency to optimise your campaigns for Machine Learning optimisation.

3. Conversational Marketing – Chatbots are IN Now

A key trend for 2022 is Conversational Marketing. The premise of being present for your customers whether it be for questions or concerns, or even updates on new products and services being offered. The idea that your customers can have access to the brand or business they’re choosing to support. Customers are key after all!

This can take all sorts of different forms – and we’d suggest reaching out to your customer base to understand what they would best respond to – but it’s proven that any form of micro-interaction can enhance conversions. The most common example of this is chatbots - The ability to efficiently communicate with customers 24/7, and have it not cost you an arm and a leg. Chatbots now hold less stigma than when they appeared on the customer service scene, and ultimately for ecommerce brands with global customers, it allows the ability to communicate with customers regardless of time zone – and no long nights. Have the conversations, listen to your customers, and conversions will follow!

4. Content Marketing - Content will ALWAYS be King (& Queen)

“Content is King” is so 2019… but is it? It is still so relevant in 2021 and will be into 2022. Digital Marketing is competitive, online brands and businesses are surrounded by a sea of competitors; so what sets you apart? Your content.

If you’re working so hard and spending money on gaining website traffic or building your brand awareness, or even driving conversions – you need strong content that keeps your audience engaged, and ultimately drives them from the top of the funnel down to being a conversion or a returning, loyal customer. Content is the way to do this. Whether it be engaging videos, whether it be eye-catching visuals, or whether it be copy that talks to your audience – once you get their attention, you deserve to get the conversions.

The term ‘performance creative’ comes in here. Creative content that doesn’t just work, it performs for your business. Ultimately helping achieve wider business objectives. Loud Mouth Media offer expertise in Performance Creative, and have a wealth of knowledge in how best to optimise your content for conversions.

5. Influencer Marketing - The Rise of the Micro-Influencers

With the rise of Instagram, ‘Influencer Marketing’ has solidified its place in conversion rich marketing techniques. But with the likes of the Kardashian clan milking this to the extreme, there has been a rise of Micro-Influencers that are making strong waves on the digital marketing industry too.

What’s a Micro-Influencer? Someone who might only have 10,000 followers or less, and therefore when ‘influencing’ their audience it feels less salesy and less pushy. With a small, intimate network, some see as being more refined and niche, it can feel more authentic when they state their support of a brand, product, service, or business in general. It’s proving a successful tool for businesses wanting to utilise the Influencer Marketing craze but perhaps not having big budgets, or not wanting to move into the competitive landscape of Million followers+ pool of content. The saying ‘less is more’ comes to mind here…

6. Data Driven Marketing - Listen to the Data

A/B testing is always an important way to learn what works for your business or brand in a digital marketing context. What video formats drive engagement versus conversions, what online platforms drive revenue versus traffic – the choices are endless. But the most valuable thing about digital marketing efforts in general, is the data and the insights it generates for you. Data is so key to harnessing the power of digital marketing!

Use the tools available, both paid and organic, learn about your audience, learn about their behaviours, understand your customer journey, analyse the timeline from advert to cash in bank, and use that data to feed back into your strategy in 2022. Covid-19 changed a lot in our lives, and as the pandemic evolves, and the world in turn evolves; we need to remain agile. Digital Marketing also needs to remain agile, and the data will allow you to understand trends and react accordingly.

7. Ecommerce Marketing - Personalisation in Ecommerce is a Must

“80% of self-classified frequent shoppers will only shop with brands who personalize their experience. So, it becomes important to explain the value proposition of data collection to reassure consumers about privacy and understand what is valued most.” (Smart Insights)

Personalisation is going to be a HOT word in 2022. It is key in this new era of data capture and in a world where businesses know more about their customer base than ever before. But what’s the significance? Personalisation leads to higher conversion rates. Whether you’re a well-known or up and coming brand, personalisation goes beyond online sales and is about creating an experience that keeps customers coming back.

When customers visit a website and accept the Cookie Disclaimer popup, they have consented to data collection so expect brands to give them a personalised experience. With competition in the market high, consumers may see personalised recommendations as a must-have. Because of this, the need for brands to create a personalised omnichannel experience has become vital. This means allowing the customer to order on a website and complete the process via a phone app or as a click and collect transaction.

8. Social Advertising - Don’t Underestimate Social Commerce

“87% of e-commerce shoppers believe social media helps them make a shopping decision.” (Smart Insights)

Safe to say pre-pandemic, we all knew Social Media was a booming market. But through lockdowns and home working, online schooling, Social Media has supercharged its possibilities. Not only are 4Billion+ people using the platforms, but they have transformed mobile engagement, and now – they are transforming the ecommerce landscape.

Social Media has the ability to reach a global audience, it has the ability to make product promotions feel relatable, and with the right targeting in place (Social Advertising, learn more here) it allows you to find your highest intent audience AND drive conversions as it allows them to buy in a smooth, effortless way. With the addition of Influencers, social media gives brands the chance to showcase their potential in innovative and non-salesy ways. Key for those 2022 buyers.


For assistance in putting together a winning Digital Strategy, make sure to speak to our expert team. Whether it be SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Ecommerce, Video Marketing, Performance Creative or Digital Strategy creation – our award-winning Marketing Agency can offer you a fresh perspective. Reach out here.