Get Ahead Of The Game - Invitation To Christmas

10 August 2023

We know you’re thinking it’s too early to think about Christmas…but bear with and we will show you why it isn’t. The shopping planning journey at Christmas time is getting longer with more people shopping for festive gifts in October 2022 than in October 2020.


// Consumer Spending – Trends In The Market


Sales figures peak during the festive period with a significantly greater volume of goods sold in December than in any other month. It is important to begin running your Christmas ads early enough so that people can engage with your message before they make the final purchase. Did you know it takes a consumer on average 7 interactions to convert from a prospective buyer to an actual buyer?

73% of shoppers say that planning ahead financially is more important than ever. As well as soaring energy prices in Europe and the cost-of-living crisis in the UK, it is likely that we will see 36% of British shoppers spend less on themselves and 27% less on others this festive period. With consumers monitoring their Christmas spend more closely than ever there is no better time to start advertising than now!


What Should You Consider Before A Busy Trading Period…


Preparing for a busy trading period in crucial for advertisers to maximise sales and leverage seasonal opportunities. Let’s look at what you should consider…


// A Cohensive Plan


A strong strategy is where all successful campaigns start. Start by asking yourself some questions. What sold well last year? What campaigns were most successful? What platforms brought the best revenue in? Meta is currently the leading online discovery channel so keep that in mind!


// Budget Allocation


Allocating a suitable budget is essential for impactful advertising campaigns. Increasing the budget during busy trading periods can help maximise reach and drive sales. Analysing past sales data aids in determining the optimal budget allocation for each season.

Campaign timing is also vital to capturing consumer attention. Starting campaigns early will build anticipation and generate buzz. Utilising countdowns or pre-sale announcements will also create a sense of urgency and encourage early purchase.


// Website And Mobile Optimisation


Optimising website and mobile platforms is crucial for handling increased traffic that comes with seasonal sales. Fast loading times, mobile responsiveness, and user- friendly navigation boost the shopping experience. Conducting website performance tests and implementing necessary optimisations beforehand will ensure a seamless customer journey.


To Conclude…


Understanding and harnessing the power of seasonal sales is vital for advertisers in maximising their revenue and achieving business growth. By following the considerations outlined in this blog post, advertisers can make the most of seasonal trends.

At Loud Mouth Media we understand the intricacies of Digital Marketing and the importance of seasonal sales.

Remember, the seasons may change, but your success in seasonal sales can soar with the right strategies and expertise. Our experts are here to assist you every step of the way! Get in touch today.