Why the SEO - PPC Alliance is Necessary

09 October 2014

SEO and PPC professionals look askance at each other. But wouldn't they go much further if they collaborated?

SEO or PPC? Two major search marketing forces often fight an epic battle for the supremacy of the SERPs. (Forgive us, we are a bunch of Game of Thrones geeks, but there will be no spoilers, promise). Today, we will try to put an end to this war. Who deserves the throne of the SERPs?



SEO troops are strong and confident because they know that organic results still account for the majority of search clicks. Furthermore, the first organic results remain to have the highest CTR, so being well ranked organically is still essential.

Some users say they never click on ads; SEO generates less mistrust because users do not see the tactics behind them. Although to gain visible results with SEO takes a lot of hard work.

SEO is a medium to long-term strategy and requires a vast investment of time and almost continuous content creation. But the SEO soldier is afraid of nothing (except for dragons and Pigeons, Penguins, Pandas and Hummingbird.




The PPC army continually advances and keeps gaining ground. As a matter of fact, today paid search results dominate most of the kingdom real estate of the SERPs. Furthermore, although organic results get more clicks in total, some studies claim that PPC accounts for 64.6% of high commercial intent searches.  

This is surely because these ads are served only to potential customers since you target your ad to reach your specific audience. There are very few, if any, more targeted ways of advertising than PPC.

Besides, although PPC is more expensive than SEO, it produces results instantaneously (almost faster than it takes to kill someone in Game of Thrones)!



Why not? SEO and PPC professionals look askance at each other. But wouldn't they go much further if they collaborated?

Among other possibilities, PPC can provide SEO with a wealth of valuable insights (and you know that information is power). Especially since the appearance of not provided, AdWords / PPC becomes a vital source to obtain data about keywords and search queries.

PPC also offers the option of testing copy and landing page performance, which is not possible in SEO. We can (and should) use this information to improve our organic landings and copies too.

In addition, according to the studio by Google Search Pause, despite ranking first in organic search results, using PPC will provide us with incremental clicks.

Therefore, if the revenue from SEO and PPC separately can be essential for any business, combined they can boost it to the infinity and beyond. That is why the ideal tactic is to join forces and work together for a common goal.

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