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Twitter has 260 million daily active users, not just Elon

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/ / Why you Should Advertise on X (Twitter)

Loud Mouth Media are specialists in Twitter Advertising. With 450 million monthly active users and around 260 million daily active users, there is plenty to play for on Twitter! 

The consumption of Twitter content is unique compared to other social platforms... and not just because of Elon Musk, their new owner. In fact, 48% of Twitter’s audience use the platform for news and entertainment, 34% to stay connected with friends/family, and 33% of its base to follow brands/companies. 33% is a reasonably low number for organic content, but this is where Paid Twitter advertising comes in.

Advertising on Twitter allows your brand to reach your target audience outside of your existing followers.  

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/ / The Advantages of X (Twitter) Advertising

  • Longer Viewing Time: OMG and Twitter data shows people spend 26% more time viewing ads on Twitter than on other leading platforms. With correct targeting, your ad is more relevant to your target audience and therefore more interesting. 
  • B2B Success: 82% of B2B businesses use Twitter and 79% of users also follow brands for content updates on Twitter. Twitter users have an appetite for this kind of content which is an excellent opportunity for us performance marketers.
  • Drive ROI: Twitter reports that their platform drives 40% greater Return on Investment (ROI) than other social channels.
  • Demographic Breakdown: In comparison to TikTok, Twitter has a more male dominated audience at 58% male and 42% female. 38% of Twitter’s user base are also aged 25-34 highlighting the popularity among the younger demographic.  
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/ / Customise your X (Twitter) Ads

The average user only spends 4 minutes a day on Twitter, meaning those minutes are precious and if you want to attract the attention of your target audience you need to be clever with your strategy and content. And with only 280 characters available, being creative with your words is essential. 

Campaign Types

  • Text ads 
  • Image ads 
  • Video ads 
  • Moment ads 
  • Twitter Live Ads 
  • Carousel Ads 
  • Follower Ads 
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/ / Optimise your Content for X (Twitter) Advertising

Loud Mouth are award-winning Social Advertising experts. Check out our top tips for advertising on Twitter: 

  • Keep your copy concise: Although you have up to 280 characters, the best performing twitter ads only use 50-100 characters. 
  • Avoid hashtags (#) and mentions (@) in Paid Twitter ads: While these are useful for organic content, they are a distraction on paid content. Drive your audience to your CTA instead. 
  • Utilise video content but again keep it concise: Your audience isn’t likely to watch an entire 60 seconds, so get your core message across in the first few seconds. Video ads with clear logo placement lead to 30% higher brand recall. 
  • Differentiate mobile and desktop campaigns: Think about how user response will change based on their location, on mobile they are time poor. 
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/ / Working with an X (Twitter) Advertising Agency

Depending on your digital growth objectives, your Twitter campaigns will require a bespoke set up and continual optimisation to realise the opportunities available on this platform. Lucky for you, Loud Mouth Media has a team of Social Advertising experts who can support growth across ecommerce and/or lead generation.

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