Croí Laighean Credit Union

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We Partnered with Croi Laighean Credit Union to Enhance Brand Awareness and Drive More Traffic to Key Services Pages on their Website

Loud Mouth Media Increased Average Organic Ranking (YoY) by 18%


// Background

Croí Laighean Credit Union are known for their friendly and modern approach to finance. Combining all the traditional friendliness of a credit union with modern banking facilities, such as instant, real-time online access to accounts and a convenient mobile app, they have a reputation for putting their customers first.


// The Challenge

When Croi Laighean brought Loud Mouth Media on board, their mission was clear. They wanted to drive more customers to their services pages on their website by boosting their organic performance. With highly detailed landing pages and many services on offer, they wanted to drive more leads from specific pages that would increase online revenue, specifically: Insurance, Personal Saving and Banking, and Loans.

We knew to generate long term organic growth, our expert SEO team would be the people for the job!


// Objectives

  • Increase Average Organic Ranking
  • Increase New Users on Website
  • Increase Users on Website
  • Increase Sessions on Website
  • Increase Keyword Ranking Pool – From Top 100 to Top 10


// Services Offered

  • Technical SEO
  • On Page & Off Page SEO
  • Content Optimisation


// Our Approach

With SEO, it’s key to put the right building blocks in place to foster sustainable long-term growth, and our approach to Croi Laighean reflected this. Our award-winning team knew to lay strong technical foundations and their strategy included a 3-phase roll-out:

  • Phase 1 – Technical SEO
  • Phase 2 – On Page and Off Page Optimisation
  • Phase 3 – Keyword and Content Optimisation

Phase 1 – Technical SEO

The first port of call was auditing the website and finding areas where there were both quick wins, to help drive conversions to key pages, and also longer-term wins. This included keyword analysis, making sure the highest traffic driving keywords for the credit / finance sector were prevalent on the website. It also included website fixes that would help enhance loading speeds for desktop and mobile. This was to ensure Google understood the site, the required search signals were strong, and therefore the organic search engines would know when to show the site to searchers.

Phase 2 – On Page and Off Page Optimisation

Phase 1 was then further strengthened by Off Page and On Page optimisation work. This included adding meta titles and meta descriptions across all landing pages, as well as making sure H1 and H2 titles reflected the key conversion-driving search terms we could see across Google Search Console and Ahrefs. Ultimately for Off and On-Page work, the key is to ensure Google’s signals are clear and the search engine understands what value the website offers. Without this, Google won’t allow your website to show in the rankings – and we were on a mission to dominate in the SERPs.

Phase 3 – Keyword and Content Optimisation

The final piece of the puzzle was then making sure as we laid the foundations for organic improvements, that we analysed the conversion data coming in and continued to optimise the use of specific keywords and search terms across the entire website. This would build further trust with Google and would ensure the website continued to be shown across the Google Network. We needed hard data to confirm the keywords we were going after, were in fact the most potent for conversions.

We built a content guide for Croi Laighean, including specific copy for landing pages, blog content we recommended using to enhance brand awareness around key search terms, and keyword research. It also included specific keywords with high levels of traffic that we felt they needed to enhance visibility on. For example, ‘credit union’ and ‘credit union bank’. We noticed on Ahrefs and Accuranker that there was over 1,000 searches for these terms each month, so we increased the use of both terms across the website to help drive them both into top ranking pool positions.

Ultimately our work with Croi Laighean Credit Union has seen great organic success. As with SEO, it’s about long term work, and while we continue to drive improvements across the website, we have proudly achieved the following results in 2022…


// Results from Feb 2022 to Sept 2022

  • Increased Average Organic Ranking (YoY) by 18%
  • Increased New Users on Website (YoY) by 119%
  • Increased Users on Website (YoY) by 78%
  • Increased Sessions on Website (YoY) by 32%
  • Increased Keyword Ranking Pool – Got ‘Credit Union’ into Top 10 from not ranking in the Top 100
  • Increased Keyword Ranking Pool – Got ‘Credit Union Bank’ from Top 26 to Top 8


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