Using Google AdWords As A Solution To Showrooming

02 January 2014


BBC News recently reported that showrooming is said to have exacerbated the decline of high-profile brands like Jessops and Comet.  Gadget stores, bookshops and the cosmetics industry are all losing sales to showroomers, but solutions have proved hard to find.


Research by design agency Foolproof found that 24% of people showroomed while Christmas shopping - and 40% of them took their business elsewhere.


Proposed Solution: Develop a Google AdWords Campaign Designed specifically to target showroomers


Firstly, use proximity targeting to target your ads to users within a 1 mile radius from your shop.   The AdWords interface for enhanced campaigns includes a new bid adjustment calculator; use this to increase bidding to mobile devices with full browsers.  These settings will ensure that you are targeting showroomers currently in your shop or in a nearby café browsing their smartphones for better prices.


The next step is to create an ad to present to this segment; the ad should contain appealing copy offering an incentive or discount to be used in store.  This approach will help to entice showroomers to stay loyal and avoid them going elsewhere!


BBC News Showrooming Article 


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