Reaching Your Audience With Facebook Advertising

21 September 2016

Here are some of the latest innovations you should be utilising within your Facebook Advertising:

Facebook is, without a doubt, the most popular Social Network out there with a pretty significant one billion active daily users. Over the past year, Facebook have turned their focus to advertising with some pretty impressive targeting opportunities available on the platform - who, FYI, also own Instagram.


Facebook hold a serious amount of information about their users - giving some pretty impressive targeting options for advertisers to reach their ideal audience on a platform where users are highly engaged in the content they are browsing. Did you know you can specifically target users who are parents of children of certain ages, are commuters or fall within a certain income bracket?


More and more of our clients are starting to invest some budget in Facebook/Instagram campaigns and are reaping the rewards. Here are some of the latest innovations you should be utilising within your Facebook Advertising:




Flex Targeting


Recently introduced, Flex Targeting allows you to narrow your audience further by ensuring users meet two criteria, rather than just one. For example, a high end clothing brand could choose to target users who are categorised by Facebook as 'Fashionistas' but are also of a high net worth - ensuring they can actually afford the products they are interested in. This method minimises curiosity clicks, ensuring budget is only used to reach high intent users who are most likely to convert!






Using a simple piece of JavaScript code on your website known as the Facebook Pixel, you can now remarket to previous website visitors directly on Facebook and Instagram. Remarketing Audiences can be set up for users of specific sections of your website, allowing for highly tailored, relevant ad content.


Run an e-commerce site? You can now implement Dynamic Remarketing on Facebook also - retargeting users who have viewed a particular product on your site with a dynamically created ad showcasing exactly what they were interested in.




Custom Audiences


Already got a customer database? Facebook now allows you to utilise this within your targeting by creating a Custom Audience - simply upload your email lists or phone numbers to target people you already know through Facebook and Instagram'.an ideal targeting method to target previous event attendees or those who enquired without converting!


Lookalike Audiences


Lookalike Audiences are ideal for breaking into a new market - they allow you to build a brand new audience of users who are similar to those who already like your page within a certain geographical area. If raising awareness and brand recognition is high on your agenda - this method is a must do.




Finally, with the latest targeting innovations don't forget to monitor what is working for you - it is important to create separate Ad Sets so you can test which method is most effective. The Facebook Pixel allows for the setup of Custom Conversions so you can see when your ads result in a sale, enquiry or whatever is of value to your business. We recommend always utilising Custom URLs so you can track all activity through Google Analytics and also for any goals/events you have already set up.




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