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06 March 2020

Are you ready for International Women’s Day 2020? The Loud Mouth ladies and guys certainly are! The 2020 International Women’s Day official slogan is “Each for Equal”, and the official International Women’s Day organisation is encouraging men and women across the world to help achieve this by celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness against gender bias, and taking action for equality.

You can help by creating awareness of gender disparity in your professional industry or local community, supporting female-focused non-profits, or even by telling the women in your life how much you respect them!

Loud Mouth Media - International Women's Day 2020

The Social Media Gender Disparity

Although the marketing industry may often be seen as female-oriented, the numbers say otherwise. Even across the social media influencing, despite the fact that women are statistically more likely to be regular social media users than men. According to SproutSocial, 75% of women use Facebook compared to 63% of men, while 43% of women use Instagram compared to 31% of men.

Only YouTube sees more men using the platform on a regular basis than women, where 68% of women are regular users compared to 78% of men. With the top influencer-inclined platforms being Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (MediaKix, 2019), you’d think that female influencers wouldn’t experience the gender pay gap in the same way that women in other industries do.

Well, you’d be wrong. Across all platforms and niches – such as travel, fashion, technology, food and entertainment – women make up 77% of the total number of influencers. On average, women are earning $351 per social media post while men earn $459, according to a report from Marketing Land and the Klear influencer marketing platform, with the highest gap occurring on YouTube.

Women in STEM

Although marketing performs better than a lot of professional industries, there is still a gap in the amount of men employed than women, particularly in higher-ranking positions. Some studies suggest that this is due to the importance of SEO, AI, and Analytics in today’s marketing industry – all with foundations in the STEM subjects, which are historically dominated by men.

According to data from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), only 35% of STEM students in higher education institutions in the UK are women, with female graduates also making significantly less compared to their male counterparts.

Loud Mouth Media - International Women's Day 2020

Here at Loud Mouth…

According to the Harvard Business Review, companies with the most women on their board of directors consistently outperform those with no female representation, with a 41% return on equity and by 56% in operating results. Here at Loud Mouth, there’s no argument over whether or not the women on our team make a huge difference. Our Commercial and Operations & Marketing Directors, Business Development and Office Managers, Performance Creative Lead, and our entire internal Marketing Team are all roles held by women!

Gender equality is essential for businesses and communities around the world to thrive, so make sure you take part this weekend! And if you’re interested in learning more about how SEO, PPC, and Social Media Advertising can help your business, make sure to reach out to us today!

Loud Mouth Media - International Women's Day 2020

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