Digital Insights: February

03 March 2017

February has been a pretty big month for all things digital! Everything from Instagram to AdWords have changes. Want to know more?



2017 is flying by - February brought us Storm Doris; THAT Oscars Blooper; and the world got baby fever when Beyoncé set a new Instagram record for the most liked photo of all time with her twins pregnancy announcement. It's also been a pretty big month in the world of digital - check out our February highlights below:


Green Outline ad label replaces solid green version


Many users have spotted a new ad label on Google Search ads over the last few weeks - the solid green background has been replaced by a new green outline with white background label, giving the appearance of an organic post. 


Google have now confirmed that the new look is rolling out globally. A spokesperson for Google said: "We routinely test potential improvements to the look and feel of our search results page. After experimenting with a new search ad label with a green outline, we've decided to roll it out. The new ad label is more legible and continues to make our results page easier to read for our users with clear indication of our ad labelling."


Instagram - Lead Ads Now Available


Good news! you can now run your Leads Ads across both the Facebook and Instagram platforms.  We've seen some great results with Facebook Lead Ads and expect that Instagram will have equally impressive results. To help ensure your Lead Ads appear on Instagram, make sure your creative follows Instagram's design requirements.


Note - not all of the pre-filled fields for Leads Ads are supported on Instagram. Instagram will support the following fields:


  • Email,
  • Full name,
  • Phone number
  • Gender


Read more here.


AdWords Price Extensions now live on all devices


Last July, Google introduced Price Extensions in AdWords to show prices on types of products and services in Text Ads. The price extensions are now eligible to show on all devices, not just mobile. Read more here:


Tailor Ads by device or audience with AdWords IF functions


IF functions, used within Text Ads on the Search Network, provide advertisers with a quick and easy way of customising their ad copy for certain audiences. Without the trouble of setting up separate campaigns, advertisers can include an IF function within their ad text to show a specific message to users IF they are on a specific device or audience list.


In the below example by Google, an IF function is used to customise the description offer based on whether a user is in the advertiser's 'Cart Abandoners' retargeting list.  As an extra incentive for cart abandoners to complete the transaction they will see a 15% off promotion; other users not on this list will see a 10% off promotion.


If you need help implementing any of the above -  get in touch and we will be happy to help!


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